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Women in the Workplace : 5 Steps To Supersize Your Success

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Women in the Workplace : 5 Steps To Supersize Your Success

Author and business coach, Dr. Stacia Pierce is proud to have helped thousands of celebrities, entrepreneurs and every day folks like you and me achieve their personal and professional goals, stay on target and win!

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Known for her commitment to sharing her secrets to success, Pierce has teamed with other leading professionals, including best-selling author Jack Canfield, to co-author a new book, The Big Secret. The perfect tool to help everyone envision their goals and explore creativity, this nifty novel is set to hit the shelves this year.


There’s no elevator to success – you have to take the stairs. Stacia Pierce’s inspiring tips will double your drive and push you closer to your passions in life and business.

  • Define what you really want. While most people have trouble answering this question, it’s crucial to set aside some time to focus on goals. What is the one thing you would do, if you knew you could not fail? Once you’re able to envision that, dive into the details. Write it down and starting seeing yourself accomplishing that ambitious adventure. With a goal properly defined, narrow your focus with Pierce’s Success Attraction Goal cards – easy to tuck in your purse for constant creativity.
  • Decide to go bigger. Be fearless in the pursuit of your grandest goals. You’re capable of manifesting so much more if you merely set an intention to reach for the stars. Battle that barrier thinking and create a daily routine on the small steps you can take each day to get ultra inspired.
  • Take daily action that brings you closer to your goal. By registering the name Virgin Galactic Airways for his consumer spaceship company, Richard Branson took that feared first step toward establishing his business. To stay on top of your goals, all you have to do is take one small step in the direction of your dreams. Do you have a vision of becoming a best-selling author? Write a chapter. Dying to be a professional trainer in your industry? Set up a camera and put together your first training. Make an effort – not an excuse.
  • See it, believe it and achieve it! Take control of your mental images by mentoring your mind with what to focus on. This simple and fun process is an easy way to materialize your goals and desires. In Pierce’s Success Journal, you can determine your dreams one week at a time. Use the vision page to craft a collage of images expressing your success. You can even write out a series of “I am…” statements to pump up your passions throughout the week!
  • Accelerate your ambitions with a dream audio recording. Write out your ideal life. Include every aspect of your daily deeds: desired income, business success, travel goals, dream home or car and so on. Now, put that inspiration onto your phone or computer and play it back to yourself on a regular basis. Whether you’re working, cleaning, exercising or driving the kids to school, take every opportunity to listen. The more you hear your must-haves, the closer you become to activating that intended goal.

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I’m the Editor-in-Chief of this fab magazine! I write about travel, parenting and more. Follow me on social media @ItsBrieW.

I’m the Editor-in-Chief of this fab magazine! I write about travel, parenting and more. Follow me on social media @ItsBrieW.

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