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Men’s Trends: The Leather Jacket

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Men’s Trends: The Leather Jacket















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The leather jacket became trendy in the early 20th century when it was worn by aviators and other members of the military. From there, the iconic piece moved from status symbol to counter culture calling card to the present day – where the leather jacket has become a multifaceted wardrobe piece. For the 50 year old stock broker, it’s the smooth finish basic leather coat that sits just below the waist. For the 16 year old teenager “going through a phase” it’s the distressed studded faux leather jacket that’s about 1/2 a size to small. And finally, for the 25 year old with a GQ subscription, its  a toss between the motorcycle jacket or the bomber.

The great thing about leather, is unlike most fabrics, it gains character with age. The material looses its shine but gains a matte finish, it becomes softer, and if treated right it will form to fit your shape. There are many professional services and over-the-counter products available to aide in the preservation of leather products. If you’re looking for a leather jacket consider investing a little more money than you would for your other garments. Leather goods can be beautifully maintained, restored, and repaired for a fraction of their purchase price.

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