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Men’s Interest: Knotted Neck-Wear [The Scarf]

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Men’s Interest: Knotted Neck-Wear [The Scarf]

Until the past few years, accessories for men have only being moderately incorporated in men’s fashion. Hats are cool but not everyone is a fan, ties are fine but selected only for certain occasions, and so forth. Men’s scarves come in an array of sizes, fabrics and aesthetics and are a great way to add flair and character to an outfit. Aside from being totally useful in the wintry this hombre accessory can completely transform the aesthetic of your outfit. Knowing several methods of knotting your scarf is a smart and thoughtful way of expressing your STYLE. Read on to learn several ways to knot your neck-ware!

Below: The drape is basic, yet very classy.  It’s very dapper when worn under an overcoat or sports jacket.

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Below: Wrapping your scarf either once or twice around your neck always feels a little romantic, doesn’t it?

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Below: The Ascot is basic, yet very classy.  The knot can be worn high for the formal blazer, collar look, or loose giving a rugged layered 2013 Milan runway hip urban look. To succeed in proper tie lay over both shoulder tie each end over and under (first step in tying a Windsor.) Adjust for smoothness and length.

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Below: European knot /The Parisian is the more complicated of the styles; this knot is worn tight to the neck and infuses any sport jacket to thick sweater. Proper fastening of the Parisian fold tie in half, lay each end over shoulder, then pass loose end through folded end around neck.

The parisan

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