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Maslo Jewelry: Q&A with Designer, Nicole.


Maslo Jewelry: Q&A with Designer, Nicole.

As a stylish lady, we look for key pieces in our closets that transform us from average to stylish and fun. Just like with clothing, with jewelry, we need to add bold and sometimes danity accessories with our clothes to create a perfect outfit. It really is like a chemistry equation: CLOTHES+JEWELRY = STYLISH OUTFIT. Although, chemistry was not my favorite subject in school,  jewelry I understand and so does Nicole of Maslo Jewelry. This talented lady gets it more than most, she can come up with a fabulous concept and transform silver and wire and geometric shapes into pieces you can wear wherever you are going and with any style. Her latest collection is very futuristic and dainty but draws the eye to something so interesting you can’t help but stare. Her minimalist approach is classy and also very flexible from season to season.

I got to chat with this jewelry superstar and she is a breath of fresh air! Meet Nicole and let her tell you about Maslo Jewelry 



Curved, Vintage, Steel Pieces Stacked, With Vintage, Silver Chain: Torus Necklace by Maslo Jewelry

Torus Necklace


Style: How did u get into jewelry design?

Nicole: I was always really into crafts starting at a young age, and after college I realized it could be more than just a hobby. 

Style:Did u want to become a jewelry designer when you were young?

Nicole: No way. I actually had no clue that this is what I would end up dedicating my life to. I knew I loved design though, and working with my hands, so I guess I’m not too surprised I found myself making jewelry. 




Nicole in her studio.

Style: What inspired you to get into jewelry design?

Nicole: It’s funny, I don’t really remember. I was doing it for so long just for fun, I can’t recall if there was ever a moment where I decided to focus on jewelry design more than anything else. 

Style: Where are you from and how has that influenced your design aesthetic?

Nicole: I’m from Northern Virginia, near Washington, D.C., but now I live in Richmond, Virginia. I also spend a lot of time in Charleston, South Carolina, which is where my parents live now. I’m sure this must have had an impact on me somehow, especially since I find inspiration from around me, but one of the nice things about designing today is that with the internet it doesn’t matter where you are from, you can be influenced by anywhere in the world.

Style: what do u enjoy most about designing jewelry?

Nicole: Getting to use my mind AND my hands at the same time. 



Steel and White Rope Necklace: Antimatter Necklace by Maslo Jewelry

Antimatter Necklace

Style: What is the most challenging part?

Nicole: Having to constantly come up with fresh, new ideas. 

Style: who’s your most influential fashion designer/stylist/fashion icon?

Nicole: Grace Kelly was so beautiful and very in command of her style and presence. She was a good example of someone who’s fashion gave you a good sense of her personality. Feminine, streamlined, and classic.

Style: Does your work reflect your personal fashion taste?? Can you describe your style?

Nicole: For sure! I would never create something I wouldn’t wear myself. My personal taste is very classic and minimal, but has just a little extra personality and trendiness thrown in there. I think my work reflects that.

Silver, Vintage Rhinestone Earring with post and Brass Stick Beads:  Ava Earrings Small by Maslo Jewelry

Ava Earrings (small)

Style: Do you use any special techniques with designing your jewelry?

Nicole: With technology I think it is rare for people to design the way I do, so much happens on computers now, but I much prefer being able to move pieces around on a table top and kind of let it speak to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology, I was a Graphic Design major in college, I just like to feel the materials in my hands when creating my jewelry. 

Style: Do you follow any fashion bloggers/stylists? If so, why do you like their blogs?

Nicole: I mean, who doesn’t love Garance Dore?

Style: What is your philosophy about the ART of fashion/jewelry?

Nicole: Let things come naturally. If you are having to force something, it isn’t going to be something you can relate to and be happy with at the end. This is only true with the art part of it, obviously when owning your own business there is a lot of hard work I have to force myself to get through all the time!



Aluminum, Curved Tube with White Rope: Helio Neckalce-Large by Maslo Jewelry

Helio Necklace (large)

Style: What software or technology do you use mostly when designing?

Nicole: I use InDesign for things like marketing and PR, but when it comes to designing my actual pieces, I like to only use my hands. I find things that inspire me and then lay them out to work with until a piece comes together.

Style: Do you manufacture in a factory or is everything in house designed?

Nicole: I have a studio space in Downtown Richmond, VA where all the magic happens, from design to production.

Faux Vintage Tuurquoise with Brass Beads, Gold Plated Chain, Bangle and Clasp: Turquoise Slide Bracelet by Maslo Jewelry

Faux Vintage Turrquoise w/ Brass Beads


Style: How did you create the idea behind your line?

Nicole: I just look at what is going on in the world around me for something that jumps out. Sometimes I people watch or explore the internet for hours on end. 

Style: Where do you source your materials?

Nicole: I’ll pick up things all over! I have some wholesalers that I get the basic findings from like clasps, but when it comes to the actual materials, I couldn’t even list everywhere I get supplies, from hardware and craft stores to warehouses and nature


Check out Maslo Jewelry online at:

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Freelance Writer and also Emerging Fashion Designer in Charleston, SC.

Freelance Writer and also Emerging Fashion Designer in Charleston, SC.

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