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Charleston Fashion Week 2015: Interview with Trina Turk


Charleston Fashion Week 2015: Interview with Trina Turk

In an exclusive sit-down interview with Trina Turk, California fashion designer who is known for her use of vibrant colors, graphic prints and high-quality fabric, Carolina STYLE discusses Charleston Fashion Week and the inspiration behind her brilliantly bold spring collection.


CSM: Have you ever been to Charleston before?

I have! I did a trip to Charleston a while ago to tour the plantation homes. I’m an architectural hobbyist, so my husband and I took a road trip and toured the houses.

CSM: Do you find much of your inspiration in architecture?

Yes, definitely! I feel like fashion is just another form of design, like architecture and interior design, and they all overlap each other.

CSM: What inspired your spring 2015 collection?

We called it Pop Art Flower Mart, and it was really inspired by a few gorgeous floral prints. Often we start with a print since print is so important for what we do at Trina Turk. So we had selected a few floral prints and I went to the downtown LA floral mart for flowers for a party. While I was there I said, ‘You know, we should just call it Pop Art Flower Mart!’ We decided to name it Pop Art Flower Mart because so many of the prints have a very graphic pop art quality.

CSM: What continues to inspire you?

In the beginning it was just seeing if I could make it on my own as a designer. Now, it’s more about having an established brand, and doing everything to support the brand. We are continuously asking how can we take this identity we have created and turn it into any kind of product.

CSM: How involved are you when it comes to creative direction? Are you there every step of the way?

Yes, I think it’s really important to stand for something and have a clear identity since the fashion market is so competitive. You really have to stand for something and have a clear identity, and print and color are integral for who we are as a brand. We start with print, color, fabric, I think that that is something we pride ourselves on.

CSM: What are you looking forward to the most about the show tonight?

I’m looking forward to seeing how the team here puts together our looks. I think that’s what is interesting when you see women out and about wearing Trina Turk, and you see their spin on it.


Lastly, Carolina STYLE Contributor Jessica Bricker reached out to Twitter to see what others would ask Trina Turk. Twitter user Brenna Walker (@brenna_Lou) wanted to ask Trina the following question:

@brenna_Lou: Do you do internships? What do you look for in your interns?

We do have internships, and what we look for is someone who is obviously interested in design. We do internships throughout all areas of the company, but I would say we want someone who reflects the spirit of the brand, someone who is optimistic and upbeat.


For more information about Trina Turk, or to view her spring collection, visit her website

Photos: Susan Lloyd Photography

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Jessica Bricker is a freelance personal stylist, fashion writer, and owner of Jessica Bricker Style in Charleston, SC.

Jessica Bricker is a freelance personal stylist, fashion writer, and owner of Jessica Bricker Style in Charleston, SC.

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