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HBO Premiers “Insecure” and the Emmy Nominated “Ballers” in Charlotte

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HBO Premiers “Insecure” and the Emmy Nominated “Ballers” in Charlotte

The Fillmore was a packed house on Thursday night as HBO held a screening of two of their popular shows, Issa Rae’sย Insecure” and the Emmy nominated Ballers starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Ballers was up first in this back-to-back screening event where The Rock plays former superstar Spencer Strasmore reinventing himself as a financial advisor in Miami. The season premiere featured Charlotte’s own Steph Curry and his wife Ayesha early in the episode. ย If you have never watched Ballers, now is a good time. The show is a clever mix of humor, wit, romance, shock value and sex appeal. Let’s be honest, The Rock in a suit was reason enough to watch.

Two of the Ballers stars were present to premier their episode to a full house including former NFL player turned actor Donovan Carter (who plays Vernon Littlefield) and Jazmyn Simon (who plays Julie Greane).

I caught up with Jazmyn and Donovan talk about their acting careers and of course their personal style.

photo courtesy of Media Arts Collective

Jazmyn’s favorite part of the show:

I love being a part of the cast. My favorite part of all of it is the guys that I get to work with. They are truly amazing, talented individuals. I feel blessed every day. I get to call them family and friends. I mean, it’s not every day you can say your first job is with The Rock.

Jazmyn on life before Ballers:

In October I would have booked Ballers four years ago. I’ve been in LA for almost seven years. So for three years I tried really hard [to book jobs]. I had 200 auditions and I had about 197 ย nos out of 200. I booked Baggage Claim, Parks and Rec, Welcome to the Family. It was a lot of frustration, a lot of tears, a lot of prayers.

Jazmyn on wanting to quit and give up acting:

I would be lying if I didn’t say that I did [not want to give up]. Of course I did! But I would wake up the next morning and say “alright, let’s go get it”. I got a word from God to do it and God never promised it was going to be easy he just said that he was going to guide me along the way. It hasn’t been easy but it has definitely been worth it.

Jazmyn on her personal style:

I love boyfriend jeans and a white t-shirt. I can dress them up, I can dress them down. Jeans and a t-shirt is my jam! I just love it – it’s so comfortable. But I like to get dressed up too. Last night at the ESPY awards I wore Balmain. ย Today I’m wearing Alice + Olivia and Zara shoes. I love mixing highs and lows.


Donovan on getting the role of Vernon:

photo courtesy of Media Arts Collective

I got the part through the grace of God. ย My coaches at UCLA got an e-mail about a casting call for the show. I went on an audition and God took care of the rest. I love it. It’s a grind but when you are working on a job and you’re on set, it’s amazing. ย There is no better feeling. It doesn’t feel like work it feels like Christmas to me. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Donovan on picking his co-stars and movie genre if he had the choice:

I love comedys. I would love to be in the next Friday, Bad Boys, anything like that.

Donovan on his personal style:

I’m all about comfort. I like jeans, I love sneakers, I’m a sneaker dude. I like being casual.

Okay, people let’s talk about Insecure. ย If you have not yet watched the series, get on that STAT. I missed the entire first season while it was airing but caught up while recovering from a case of food poisoning last year. Never thought I would be greatful for food poisoning because since I had all that free time on my hands to watch the show, I am HOOKED! ย The season premiere was soooooo gooooood and that dang on Jay Ellis??? Good gawd! The ladies at the Fillmore were going crazy during some certain…eh…scenes that required no clothing. ย Issa Raye is brilliant as the writer and star and her castmates are excellent. All of them are natural in the roles that they play bringing a sense of familiarity to their respective characters.

Both Ballers and Insecure premiers Sunday, July 23. Tweet live with me and the billion other people that will be watching.


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I’m the Editor-in-Chief of this fab magazine! I write about travel, parenting and more. Follow me on social media @ItsBrieW.

I'm the Editor-in-Chief of this fab magazine! I write about travel, parenting and more. Follow me on social media @ItsBrieW.

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