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This Is Us: Our Not So Smooth First Day of School


This Is Us: Our Not So Smooth First Day of School

I pride myself on being a pretty decent Mom. I mean, my kids are always fed wholesome meals (60% of the time), they are all extremely well behaved (40% of the time) and I never, ever lose my cool. Okay, maybe that last part I embellished just a little, but you get the point. So you can imagine I was expecting our first day of school to be somewhat smooth. But alas. The universe had another idea.

Our “smooth” first day of school went something like this:

1. Woke up late to the faint sound of an alarm because my headphones were still in my iPad from last night.

2. By the time I got the twins dressed and downstairs there was no time to eat. Luckily one wasn’t hungry so I threw the other one two slices of white bread to gobble down… not toast, bread.  No butter. No jam.

3. While I was tying his shoes I sent the other one upstairs to get a headband for herself. Nothing wrong with this right? Wait for it.

4. As we are walking to the bus stop, we see a crowd of neighbors already there. I glance at my daughter for one last look.  Gasping, I ask “Where is your headband???” She gives me the “oh no” look. 😳

5. As I turn to run to the house to pick up her headband my son screams “No Mommy, don’t leave” and tries to go with me. Frantic, I’m yelling “go to the bus with your sister.” But he is still yelling “noooooo!” Then there is his sister, tugging and yelling “come on we have to get on the bus!” I finally decide to leave them having a power struggle in the middle of the street and run into the house. Nice. Gold star for me.

But wait, it gets better…

6. When I get into the house, I look on the counter and see she has grabbed the red sequin flapper headband from a 1920s costume that I wore at my uncles 1960s themed party. (Get that?)

7. As I shake my head and run for the door I saw another headband on the coffee table (small win counted), grabbed it and walked out the door to see them still in the middle of the street (small win, discounted).

8. I guide them out of the street, put on my daughter’s headband and see the bus approaching. My son isn’t sure he wants to get on. My daughter skips the line to hop on the bus and I call her back to wait for her brother (and you know, don’t skip the line kiddo).

9. In a scene like the one from Forrest Gump, leg braces and all, my son hesitates, looks at the bus driver, then eventually gets on the bus. (major win)

10. I get back to the house thinking I have about an hour until the younger twins wake up. Now I can exhale. I prepare my morning coffee and get ready for my morning devotional “No More Unglued Mama Mornings” (the irony). As I sit down to take my first sip of coffee, the sound of a baby ready to start his day comes across the baby monitor. Deep sigh.

Remember that Kevin Hart skit where he says “we just didn’t look good as a unit”. Yeah, that was us.

I guess you can say, this was the most unsmooth morning of the first day of school we’ve had so far – my not so super mom moment. But you know what? My thoughts were “hey at least they got on the bus.”  Because honestly, these unsmooth, uncool moments are the ones we will laugh about for years to come. Some of our best moments are actually our not so best moments.

(Update, in case you are curious about how the second day went for us: We almost missed the bus but at least they both ate a balanced breakfast. Third time is a charm.)

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I’m the Editor-in-Chief of this fab magazine! I write about travel, parenting and more. Follow me on social media @ItsBrieW.

I'm the Editor-in-Chief of this fab magazine! I write about travel, parenting and more. Follow me on social media @ItsBrieW.

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