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All You Need To Know About The Fashion Beyond Borders Charity Show


All You Need To Know About The Fashion Beyond Borders Charity Show

Attending fashion shows is entertaining when you can appreciate the designs and socialize with a house full of fashionistas. When fashion meets charity, it becomes even more radiant and meaningful. Working with Merino Institution, Fashion Beyond Borders (@fashionbeyondborders) will donate 100% of the money from their Dec 4 show to fund school programs in Honduras.

At the Fashion Beyond Borders Charity Show, created by Pearls of Hope, I had the chance to witness the rise of Charlotte’s fashion — the designs are all surprisingly marvelous! For a moment, I thought I was watching a New York fashion show.

Take a quick look at what was presented at the show. Here are our top picks from every designer. Photos are all from Adley Haywood Photography.

Rio LETrent by Mario Mayo


Mayo plays around with the silhouettes of his pieces. Most of them are the essential items in your closet, but their shapes are uniquely designed. When the clothes meet bags decorated with patches, the whole look comes alive.




Emerald & Onyx by Kenzlie Smith


Emerald & Onyx has a sense of extravagance of Zuhair Murad. The emerald lace look is impeccable.




Silk Falsetto by Dessaka Lockhart


I liked Lockhart’s creativity and her insights of fashion. The transparent items in the collection follow the oncoming trend.




Tygerian Lace by Tygerian Lace Burke


Burke dedicates her fashion line to laces, and she surely nailed the looks! Black laces add a sense of poise and power to the look.




Unik Collection by Unique Senario


This is the one and only menswear line! I liked how the collection boldly uses vivid colors on the mundane men’s formal suits. The male models rocked the looks, though.


Bag by Brahmin


A look is incomplete without accessories. So here comes Brahmin! The snake-skin look truly adds to the luxury of the whole look.

TLine Designs by Thelma Carraway

Carraway challenges the silhouettes, too. She cleverly picked the perfect color and texture combination of each look, making these bold designs seem less daunting.

Moniquea Renee by Nicci Wiggins


The collection looks intricate in terms of patterns and shapes. The shining textiles gives some novelty to the look as well.

Uvana Doran by Uvana Doran


This collection consists of some chic everyday pieces that you can wear. I liked the minimal and neutral colors on different kinds of fabrics.

Joseph McRae by Joseph McRae


Such an artful and mysterious collection to end the show! The oversized looks are very unconventional and creative, with various textiles like leather, velvet, linen, etc. McRae himself was also rocking the runway with his look!

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