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DIY: Stylish Paint Chip Calendar

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DIY: Stylish Paint Chip Calendar

Stylish Home Office Organization


As the New Year roles forward we all begin to think about spring cleaning, de-cluttering our closets, kitchens, and home offices.

With so many daily, weekly, and monthly to-do’s a large wall calendar can be the perfect office accessory.

This simple DIY can help you organize and add some stylishness to your home office space.

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Plexi Glass Picture Frame 22 3/8 X 34 inches

Neutral Fabric (as backdrop for calendar)

35 Paint Chips

Hot Glue Gun

Fabric Glue

Paper Cutter

Dry Erase Marker





Pick a color theme that will go well with your personal STYLE.  Find your way to a local paint store and pick up a range of 35 paint swatch cards ranging from dark to light in your chosen color palette.  While you’re out, pick up a picture frame, size 22 3/8 X 34 inches and a piece of neutral colored fabric to set as your background.

To begin, open the picture frame and adhere the neutral piece of fabric to the cardboard insert.

Using a paper cutter, trim the brand names off of the paint chips.  Organize the paint chips in 5 rows of 7 cards, using whatever color pattern you would like, light, dark, dark to light, or mixed.

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Once the cards are arranged and spaced properly use fabric glue to secure them onto the neutral piece of fabric that has already been laid down.

Add tabs to the top that read Monday – Sunday and then put the picture frame back together. Once assembled you should be able to write on the glass or plexi glass using your dry erase marker.

Simply write the month at the top of the calendar and fill in the numbers of the days.

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Et Viola!

I hope this DIY will be helpful to you for your spring cleaning!

If you’d like to send a DIY requests, or have any suggestions, please feel free to comment or email me at:













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