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DIY Holiday Ornaments

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DIY Holiday Ornaments

Going big on holidays can leave our wallets small.  With so many friends and relatives to buy for this season, our time and budgets can become stretched beyond our comfort level. This year try your hand at DIY ornaments which can serve as a perfect gift for all while keeping your cost level low and boosting your creative juices.

Hot Glue Glitter Snow Flakes!


Hot glue gun, glue sticks, wax paper, dish detergent, ornament template, glitter, mod podge, small paint brush, string or wire.

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1. Print out a snowflake image you fancy; lay wax paper over the image.

2. Cover the wax paper with dish detergent (mix in a bit of water to help detergent spread easily).

3. Trace your stencil with the hot glue using a continuous stream wherever possible.

4. Once the ornament has dried, peel it off of the wax paper (if some of the ornament sticks to the paper, simply run it under cold water to release).

5. Place dried ornament on styrofoam plate, cover one side with Mod Podge, then coat in glitter color of your choice. Almost done!  For your final step, glue the string or wire to the back of the ornament (one small dab of glue will do).

Et Viola! An easy and inexpensive gift for all of your friends and family.

I hope this DIY will be helpful to you this holiday season!

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Directions Courtesy of Pitter & Glink


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