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Designer’s STYLE: Plante Clothing Line


Designer’s STYLE: Plante Clothing Line

Plante Clothing is something special:  fun prints with earthy tones and hues that make you want to take a walk through the low country and pick some sweet grass. In March,  I attended Charleston Fashion Week along with a large portion of fashionistas, in Charleston, and fell in love with the earthy feel of Plante Clothing. The two sisters, Leah and Rebecca Plante, a dynamic duo and natives of Charleston, South Carolina who now reside in Brooklyn. They develop and design all concepts and proudly produced the final designs in the USA.

Carolina STYLE Magazine: What inspired you to get into fashion design?

 Rebecca: Leah has always been interested in clothing design; when we were young, she used to make outfits for our Barbie dolls out of fabric scraps. When we were a bit older, she would put together handcrafted outfits, and have me model them for editorial photoshoots! These pictures will never see the light of day – the early 2000’s were my awkward phase. I got into fashion when I was a bit older. I started altering thrift pieces in high school, to make vintage skirts and dresses more wearable. We both had various creative aspirations growing up, and it was pretty recently that we decided to come together to launch our fashion line.


Bryony Pants

Photo by Ashley Wood,


STYLE : How did growing up in Charleston, SC influence your design aesthetic?

Rebecca: We think [Charleston] is the most beautiful place on earth.  A lot of our designs have their roots in nature- we love earth tones and fluid fabrics. I think that our appreciation for this kind of subtle beauty probably has to do with the landscape of the low-country.


STYLE: What do u enjoy most about designing clothes?

 Rebecca:  After all of the work that goes into designing and producing a collection, it’s incredibly satisfying to see the finished product. We got to see our entire Fall 2014 collection on the runway at Charleston fashion week. With the models made up, and the clothes all pressed and steamed, our collection looked just like we had imagined when we first sketched it out. It was very exciting!



Photo credit: Ashley Wood


STYLE: What is the most challenging part?

Rebecca: I think it’s tricky for us, as new designers, to design pieces that work well as a collection. We can’t just design garments that we would love to wear. We really have to edit down our ideas so that each season comes across as a cohesive story. It’s hard to pick and choose which ideas we want to go with, and which to save for later!


Upcoming Print for Collection

STYLE: who’s your most influential fashion designer?

Rebecca: It’s too hard to pick just one! We love looking at runway shows for inspiration- Lanvin, McQueen, Mara Hoffman, Chloe, Rodarte, etc.

STYLE: Does your work reflect your personal fashion taste??Can you describe your style?

Rebecca: It certainly does! The clothes we design are exactly the things we always wished we could find in stores. Leah and I have slightly different styles, but our garments are versatile enough that we can style them in different ways.

STYLE: Do you use any special techniques with beading or dyes in your clothing line?

Rebecca: We love adding special details to our clothes. In our first collection, we used hand-covered silk buttons as embellishments. Our next line will have custom-printed fabric. The pattern is based on antique scientific illustrations. We’re having our samples made now, and we’re so excited to share them!


Magnolia Dress

Photo credit: Ashley Wood



STYLE: Do you follow any fashion bloggers? If so, why do you like their blogs?

Rebecca: Our all-time favorite is probably the Sartorialist. The photos are amazing!


Plante Collection Charleston Fashion Week

Runway Show

Photo credit: Adam Zhu

STYLE: What is your philosophy about the ART of fashion?

Rebecca: It’s important for us to design clothes that make the wearer feel beautiful; the garment itself is not the art; it’s the experience of wearing it.

STYLE: What awards have you and/or the line won?

Rebecca: We were grand prize winners in Charleston Fashion Week’s Emerging Designer East Competition this March! As part of our prize, we’ll be back next CFW to show another collection.

STYLE: What software or technology do you use mostly when designing?

Rebecca: Our initial steps are done by hand, and more technical designs are then made in Photoshop and Illustrator.  We design our fabric prints in Photoshop as well.

STYLE: Do you manufacture in a factory or is everything in house sewn?

Rebecca: We have a factory in NYC that we use for production. The quality is fantastic, and it gives us more time to work on the myriad other parts of running our brand. The work never really ends, but we love it.

Backstage-Plante-CFW (1)


Backstage at our CFW show- Photo is by Rebecca.   Check out more of the line’s fabulous clothing at: Plante Clothing

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Freelance Writer and also Emerging Fashion Designer in Charleston, SC.

Freelance Writer and also Emerging Fashion Designer in Charleston, SC.

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