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Charleston Fashion Week Runway Recap : Gwynns’s of Mount Pleasant


Charleston Fashion Week Runway Recap : Gwynns’s of Mount Pleasant

With an aesthetically as well as audibly-pleasing introduction, the Gwynns of Mount Pleasant certainly earned their spot in the main tent of Charleston’s annual Fashion week. In an attempt to raise their personal bar, they were introduced by the award winning College of Charleston Choir. They set an undeniable unique ambiance with this change of monotonous events.

Following such a distinctive shift in tone, the Gwynns of Mount Pleasant had no choice but to produce a flawless line of designs to be showcased on the runway. In their variety of looks, they managed to capture an array of styles while remaining under the “trendy” umbrella. Their eclectic runway looks were pleasing to the eye because of the exceptional choice of colors and accessories. Gwynns produced a first rate show because of their decisions to create fun, colorful looks.

From men’s looks to female attire, the success of the show can be attributed to the variation in style. The diverse assortment of looks displayed during their runway would peak the interest of any fashionista/fashionisto. They succeeded in appealing to a wide variety of people with their different style and large color wheel.



Photos: Erin L. Hubbs for Carolina STYLE Magazine



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Posted by Carolina STYLE Magazine on Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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