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Beauty Trend Report: Color Me Purple + How to Wear It

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Beauty Trend Report: Color Me Purple + How to Wear It

Versions of purple reflect the growing effects of Pantone Inc.’s color of the year for 2014. So far this season, luxurious shades of purple are being explored in varying textures and forms on lips, eyes, and cheeks. The end result is bold and intoxicating.

From radiant orchid, lilac, and lavender tones to impressionable shades of aubergine- limitless variations of this color will be taking center stage this season.

After playing with various lip products over the course of the last few months, I stumbled across the perfect combination to create a deep, smoldering lip. It was the perfect marriage between lip liner and lipstick. I took the MAC lip liner in Magenta ($15) and lined the entirety of my lips while filling them in at the sides, cupid’s bow, and inside corners where the lips begin.

Magenta and Train Bleu lip pencils paired with my favorite purple (gold gloss) from Yves Saint Laurent (#47).

Magenta and Train Bleu lip pencils paired with my favorite purple (gold gloss) from Yves Saint Laurent.

I then took the Train Bleu Velvet Matte Lip Pencil from NARS and filled in the lip making sure it blended where the two colors met, leaving some of the magenta visible to create dimension and interest. In the end it becomes this unmatched infusion of deep aubergine and magenta hues. As a finishing touch or to switch up the end result, pair your favorite purple gloss on top to enhance and enrich your pout. You can also use a clear gloss which will provide sheen without taking away from the true color of the lip pencils.

Feeling Train Bleu?

Train Bleu is just one of the many shades that NARS offers in the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. There are several cult classics and iconic shades that you will love just as much such as Red Square, Dragon Girl, and Cruella. They combine the convenience of a pencil with the application of a lipstick in a jumbo-sized design.

The best part is that they have more hydration than you think. They have a creamy finish that appears matte but maintains moisture as they are enriched with emollients, vitamin E, and silicone so the colors glide with ease while providing exceptional wear. For $25, you cannot beat this must-have.

Cyber-stalk me

Two other lip products that I am obsessed with are offered by MAC Cosmetics. Priced at $16, they are my go-to for a bold lip in a rich purple or Bordeaux hue. Heroine and Cyber had me at hello. Heroine is a vibrant purple with more of a matte finish as Cyber is an intense blackish purple with a satin finish. These colors boldly go where none have gone before.

Another lip product that won me over instantly was created by Yves Saint Laurent. Truly a revolutionary product, the Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres is a glossy stain that combines the texture and shine of a gloss with long-wear properties of a stain. The vibrant orchid color that hooked me was #16, Pourpre Preview.

In 2012, this product won a Breakthrough Award by Allure Magazine for its unmatched innovation. The glossy stain is extremely lightweight in texture and melts onto your lips effortlessly.

For a natural shine, apply one coat beginning from the center of the lip and work your way to the outer portion. For buildable coverage and heightened intensity apply two coats using the slanted tip applicator for precise application. Start by applying the product around the outer portion of the lips then follow by generously applying the glossy stain in the center of your lips on both top and bottom.

Am I too Outspoken?

Another must-have, not associated with the lips, involves a product for the cheeks. The Marc Jacobs blush called Outspoken is a patented powder that gives the apples of your cheek a flawless cool lilac flush.

The formula is infused with bio-lipids and essential amino acids providing a rich, silky texture and effortless application. The designer’s blush collection was inspired by his own plucky spirit to create a look that is “powerful, lavish, and shameless.” This blush retails for $30 (available at Sephora stores).

NARS, Kauai Eyeshadow Duo

Matte or iridescent eyeshadows in lavender and orchid shades are hot commodities this season. In terms of eyeshadow, one of my favorite combinations that launched this spring was the Kauai Eyeshadow Duo by NARS Cosmetics.

This duo combines a gold lame and an iridescent smokey orchid color that is absolutely breathtaking. The combination resulted in an unexpected pairing, but turned out to be flawless in execution. Since it’s launch it has been sold out in most locations company-wide.

NARS received a nod in 2011 for “Best Overall Eyeshadow,” and was also named as a “Best Beauty Buy,” by InStyle Magazine. After working for many brands over the last nine years I agree that the color glides on effortlessly and what you see is exactly what you get.

Viva Violeta

Now for the crowning glory, Guerlain’s ‘Cils d’Enfer’ Maxi Lash Mascara provides lashes with the perfect volume in a captivating violet hue. What is nice about this particular mascara is it offers pigment without going overboard.

This formulation provides lashes with long-wear hold, curl, and volume. A high performance polymer trio conditions the lashes as it is made with cushioning waxes, natural thickening oils, and a finish that provides the perfect curve. In the blink of an eye, I was hooked. I guarantee you will be too.

There are many other products that address this seasonal trend so stay informed and research the products that fit this color scheme. You will be surprised and find that there is something for everyone. Be more daring or select something that works for your everyday lifestyle. However, stay playful. Tis the season!

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