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Editor’s Itinerary: 72 Hours in St. Lucia

72 Hours in St. Lucia

72 Hours In

Editor’s Itinerary: 72 Hours in St. Lucia

Saint Lucia is an ideal destination for romance, adventure or rejuvenation. This lush Eastern Caribbean island is located east of Puerto Rico and Jamaica directly between the islands of Martinique and St. Vincent.  Its coast is home to volcanic beaches, reef-diving sites, and luxurious accommodations. Only have 72 hours in St. Lucia? Here are a few great things you can do with your time.

Only have 72 hours in St. Lucia? Here are a few great things you can do with your time. Click To Tweet

I’m staying at the Royalton St. Lucia, which is about a 90-minute ride from the airport. It’s nestled in lush landscapes set upon one of the most picturesque islands in the Caribbean. For travelers of all ages, this modern resort features three distinct sections, including a family-friendly vacation experience in the general resort, Diamond Club™ for a higher level of service with exclusive pool, beach and dining areas, and Hideaway, an adults-only oasis.  

Royalton St. Lucia

Immediately upon arrival, you can feel the sense of welcoming island hospitality as I’m greeted by cool hand towels scented with the refreshing scent of lemongrass. I’m a Diamond Club™ guest, the resort’s premium level of service which features highly-trained butlers and concierge to fulfill my every request. Diamond Club™ members are also privy to exclusive areas around the resort including a pool, beach and a lounge which is where I’m checking in.  My room key is a waterproof bracelet which is designed to withstand all of the dips in the pool, beach waves and mud bathing I’m about to enjoy during my island adventures.

I’m introduced to my Butler, Danielle, who takes me to my room and gives me the grand tour. I must admit that at this point, I’m trying to act civilized like I have had butler service tons of times, but inside I really want to break out into a happy dance from the 80’s (think the Carlton). Once inside my room, Danielle shows me how to order room service from my television and gives me a bright orange phone to carry with me during my stay.

 “If you need me, just press this button and I’ll come on the line to take care of your request,” Danielle explains.

The room is such that I could spend just about the entire vacation tucked away in my suite. I have a great view of the ocean which I access through grand sliding glass doors.  My posh bathroom has a walk-in shower with their signature rain showerhead, a vintage style soaking tub and a private toilet room.  There is also Royalton’s signature DreamBed™ complete with high thread count sheets. After unpacking, sitting on my balcony, lost in the sights of the beach and the sounds of the waves, I head out to dinner to begin the first activity of my 72 hours in St. Lucia.

One of the various guest rooms at the Royalton St. Lucia


6:30 pm Dinner at Calypso
The Royalton St. Lucia has eight all inclusive, internationally themed, reservation-free dining options. First up is dinner at Calypso, a stylish and modern restaurant that serves elevated West Indies cuisine. For starters, you can try their Jerk Surf and Turf Spring Roll, West Indies Assorted Patties or Big Island Crab Cake, which was my choice.   The Jamaican Coconut Crusted Snapper was a delicious option for an entree or order the popular Saint Lucian Chicken Roti.


Big Island Crab Cake

Jamaican Coconut Crusted Snapper


9 am Breakfast at Gourmet Marché International Buffet
It’s only my second restaurant visit, but so far, I’m impressed at the modern and very chic, yet casual dining options. Gourmet Marché has a wide selection of local and international flavors and various buffet stations including a Gluten Free station, a Vegan station and even included a station just for kids (though the adults would sneak a few of the red velvet pancakes).

Gourmet Marsh International Buffet

10 am Sights of St. Lucia with Nexus Tours
After breakfast, I’m headed out with a group on the Tout Bagay excursion with Nexus Tours. This is a must-do activity when you visit St. Lucia.  We are chartered by a wi-fi enabled bus from the resort lobby to the Rodney Bay Marina where we board our yacht for the day. We sail for about an hour or so but honestly can’t remember as the waters and mountains make it easy to lose track of time. This is the moment where you stop and just take in the absolute beauty of the picturesque panoramic views of the island and the ocean.

72 Hours in St. Lucia

The view from my yacht.

11:30 pm Toraille Waterfall
As we begin to dock in the town of Soufriere, we spot a replica of a pirate ship beginning to set sail (fun fact: Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed partially in St. Lucia). We are headed to the Toraille Waterfall, one of the largest falls in St. Lucia. It’s the perfect spot for a refreshing splash as the falls cascade off of the tip of your head, back, and shoulders.  The experience is invigorating.



12:30 pm Morne Coubaril Estate
The Morne Coubaril Estate is a living museum and adventure park.  Start with a walking historical estate tour (also available by horseback) through a small village of replica stick huts similar to those used two centuries ago by local villagers. We stopped at the cocoa house to taste a ripe cocoa bean and experienced the process of fermentation, bean drying and the cocoa dance used to polish the dried beans.


On the tour, we passed by the Monplaisir family’s grand estate house (the owners of the property) to another live demonstration near the coconut truck. Have you ever witnessed the de-husking of a coconut?  It’s a “don’t try this at home” skill but beautiful to see it done for you. The coconut is then sliced in half revealing coconut water. Have a sip while you look out at the mountains and blue water below. Finally, before leaving the property, stop at the onsite, rustic restaurant for a Lucian buffet lunch, served with probably the most delicious limeade you’ll ever taste and dessert made from fruit harvested at the estate.



3 pm Mud Bathing at the Sulphur Springs
Ever wanted to walk in the footsteps of Richard Branson or Oprah, if only but a moment? They both visited the warm Sulphur Springs, a dormant volcano famous for its detoxifying capabilities that are noted to help heal sunburns, eczema, arthritis, sore joints, and more. The mud bath is also noted to help you look 12 years younger. You’ll know the exact moment you are getting close as your nostrils will fill with the stench of rotten egg. No worries, you’ll soon adapt to the smell to be able to enjoy the experience.  The temperature of the mud bath is about 100 degrees, not very hot, says one local. As you walk down the four-step entry into the bath, your body temperature will soon begin to adjust to the change. Suddenly, what was once the heat of the air becomes a cool breeze as your body soaks in the benefits of the warm sulfur springs. Buckets of fresh mud are gathered by attendants and fellow visitors huddle over the buckets to experience the rejuvenating benefits of the mud. Regardless of your adventure level, health needs or desired age reversal, the Sulphur Springs is worth a quick dip.  Tip: wear a dark-colored swimsuit as the sulfur springs will change the color of white or light colored attire.

After mud bathing, it’s back to the boat for the final sail back to the hotel. Rum punch is passed around and the party is turned up to 10. During our sail, we came upon that same pirate ship we passed in Soufriere.  This time, they weren’t so nice and caught us off guard with the dramatic and thunderous sound effects of their replica cannon.  At least they thought it was funny. I was trying to catch my breath and stop my heart from racing. We all laughed afterward.

7 pm Dinner at Hunters Steakhouse
Watch chefs in the open kitchen as they perfectly prepare your steak. Not your average steakhouse, salads and steaks are artfully plated and taste just as good as they look.  Wine connoisseurs will enjoy knowing Hunters has an onsite sommelier who can suggest a pairing from their plentiful selection in the wine cellar.

Beet Salad

After returning from a full day on the island and fantastic dinner at Hunter Steakhouse, I returned to a surprise from my Butler, Danielle: a warm bubble bath (topped with rose petals) with a cool bottle of champagne.


Today is the day to take full advantages of the Royalton St. Lucia’s all-inclusive resort including unlimited reservation-free dining.

10 am Beach Yoga
Beach Yoga is part of Royalton Fit™, a program that brings guests a variety of fitness and wellness classes taught by professional and certified instructors. Beach yoga is a great chance to change up your fitness routine and workout with a view – the beautiful crystal blue waters and white sand of the beach.

11:30 am Lunch at Grazie
In the mood for some calamari or a pasta dish? Grazie is a delicious choice.  This trattoria has a wide range of Italian cuisine. The traditional menu makes this a great stop for comfort food and for a meal with your family or friends.

2 pm Babor Ritual at The Royal Spa
If you are an avid spa enthusiast, you are going to find The Royal Spa to be one of the best retreats you have experienced, especially their spa lounge.  The spa lounge is by far one of the most unique and impressive rooms to relax before (and even after) your spa service. In addition to soft lighting, refreshing fruit water, and spa snacks, this room has queen-sized beds for lounging and relaxation.  

The Royalton St. Lucia Spa Lounge

The rest of the spa is also a relaxation oasis with a beautiful pool, steam room, rain shower, sauna and a bucket shower. For those who are new to the concept of a buck shower at the spa (like me), allow me to explain briefly as I found it truly fascinating. After some time in the sauna, when your body is well warmed, hop into the bucket shower, pull the handle and douse yourself with cold water. The sudden cooling of your skin speeds up your metabolism, accelerates blood flow, and gives you a burst of energy.

I experienced the Babor Ritual treatment which is a body scrub and mask is followed by a full body massage. It also includes your choice of aromatherapy: lavender and mint, energizing lime and mandarin or balancing cashmere and wood.

3:30 pm Light Bites at SCORE Sports Bar
Another on-site dining option that will make you feel right at home is SCORE, which has a casual sports bar atmosphere.  If you are a sports fan, you’re going to love Royalton’s Sports Event Guarantee™ meaning you will never miss a game that’s currently airing. Pop in for wings, drinks and some pretty good bar food.

4:30 Pool or Beachside Cabana
Naturally, you will want to take some time to experience the pool and beach – it’s one of the main reasons you vacation on an island.  The pools are gorgeous and plentiful – choose the lap pool, the one with the swim up bar or the splash pool for kids complete with a pirate ship. The beach provides an equally beautiful yet slightly more lavish experience with private cabanas that have hardwood floors and intimate suites with massage tables. The beach is the perfect area to have the choice to mingle with other guests or create a private, picture worthy gathering in the cabana.

I stepped inside the outdoor massage cabana to snap this picture. Can you imagine yourself here?

7 p.m. Farewell dinner and drinks at Zen
During the last night in St. Lucia, my travel companions and I met at Zen for our final dinner on the island. Zen serves Teppanyaki-style Asian cuisine. The chefs entertain you with their culinary skills and bright personalities. It’s a great place for an energetic gathering.  

10 p.m. Cocktails and Dancing at XS Disco Bar
Get ready to put your dance moves to the test as the XS Disco bar plays American hits as well as Island favorites. One moment you are doing the Cupid Shuffle and the next you are learning one of the new island dances that the locals are more than happy to teach.

Know that whether you take this trip with your family, as a duo, girls/guys trip or even solo, there is going to be something for everyone. This Royalton St. Lucia and the plentiful adventures on the island will be noted as one of your best, if not the best, travel destination you will ever experience.


Visit the Royalton St. Lucia

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I’m the Editor-in-Chief of this fab magazine! I write about travel, parenting and more. Follow me on social media @ItsBrieW.

I'm the Editor-in-Chief of this fab magazine! I write about travel, parenting and more. Follow me on social media @ItsBrieW.

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