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“The Most Instagrammable Place to Shop This Weekend” : Grayers x Pitch & Primer Vintage Air Stream Pop-Up Shop


“The Most Instagrammable Place to Shop This Weekend” : Grayers x Pitch & Primer Vintage Air Stream Pop-Up Shop

This week, Pitch & Primer is teaming up with Grayers to bring timeless style to Charlotte this Saturday and Sunday! The pop-up shop on wheels brings men’s clothing brands to cities across the US by way of a 1970 Airstream.

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Grayers founder, Peter Georgiou, saw a gap in the men’s market for a well-crafted clothing collection with great fit, crazy good quality and incredibly reasonable prices. He was instantly inspired to go back and rewrite the classics in a new way, and make them uniquely Grayers.

So how did the company get it’s name? Georgiou spent 11-years at Ralph Lauren and has a total passion for history (a former student of political science and history at Columbia University).

I was reading about Britain in the 1930s,” says Georgiou.  “At the time, young men at Oxford and Cambridge switched from wearing three-piece suits to gray flannel trousers, commonly knows as Grayers. And the casual menswear movement was born. Grayers were the must-have from British society to American prep schools.

Grayers has a clean, modern fit.  It’s not the classic, baggy fit, nor is it the slim designer fit. The company walks a fine line in-between the two.

We spend a lot of time perfecting what we refer to as our secret sauce,” says Georgiou.  “Each season we go to market looking for the unique and original, no different than Anthony Bourdain scouting his favorite farmers market for those killer ingredients, the freshest items and special spices. But our focus is on digging up and developing unique fabrics and textiles, innovative ways of weaving, knitting, cutting and sewing – the new and original that makes a sauce jump from ordinary to stand out. It basically boils down to (yes, pun intended) putting together the best inspired by our classic recipe.
Shop at the Grayers Airstream July 29th from 11-7  at Atherton Mill Station  (2140 South Blvd) and 12-6 on Sunday July 30.  The Washingtonian calls it “the most instagrammable place to shop this weekend”. But the looks of it, we agree.

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