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The Fresh Panthers of Bel…Wait…What?


The Fresh Panthers of Bel…Wait…What?

Last week while on my daily scroll through Twitter, I saw a tweet from the Carolina Panthers that read:

I saw that the tweet received a great deal of attention. So with all of the social media feuds going on (#45 and Morning Joe hosts, Rob and Chyna) I thought the Panthers were caught up on some mess.  I was trying to see who they were possibly replying or what made them Twitter check someone, but it wasn’t a Twitter feud at all. Just a carefully crafted code they wanted followers to decrypt.

I’m going to post a few of those tweets. Read the first word of every tweet, starting with the one above.  Let me know if you get what they were doing:


Anything? No? Keep reading:

Training Room Standouts »

— Carolina Panthers (@Panthers) July 7, 2017

Okay, I’m stopping there.  I’m sure you get what they did there. If not, we can’t be friends.

Well played, Panthers. Clever and well, played.


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