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The Real Story Behind the Latest Beauty Trend: Eyebrow Wigs

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If you follow trending topics on Instagram or Twitter you might have noticed an interesting beauty trend that people are discussing – and beauty bloggers are reviewing.  Eyebrow wigs.  That’s right. Fake hair for your eyebrows.  Though some who adopt this as a trend may do it for the sake of beauty, maybe due to over plucking or just to be trendy, there is actually a market that would buy this for another purpose.

People who have undergone chemotherapy and as a result have lost all of their hair may find eyebrow wigs is not a trend but a necessity. Didn’t think about that, huh?



But back to the trend…

Though it may be hard to adopt as a beauty tool at first, it may be a more realistic option than drawing on your brows. Because, well, that’s a skill that everyone doesn’t have. Just saying.

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