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In Today’s Fashion Trends…Detachable Jeans


In Today’s Fashion Trends…Detachable Jeans

RompHims are so yesterday. Like literally, people were talking about it all day yesterday. But today, there is a new topic of fashionable or dare we say questionable discussion. Check out this new denim idea from Opening Ceremony.


The topic: detachable jeans that turn into shorts. We know what you’re thinking: just in time for the summer, right? Well, you can get them for only $425. Pocket change. Here is how they work.

First you start with a pair of the jeans.


Then with a little twist of the button…

Voila! Now you have shorts.


Love them or leave them? But wait there’s more. As if this were not enough to digest for the day, they also have these:


That’s right. Garter strap jeans. So what do you think? Will you go running to the store to get these or…nah?

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