Meet Winston Salem, NC fashion + lifestyle blogger Whitney Daniel of Snooty Judy

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Tell us about your blog Snooty Judy? How did you come up with the name? What inspired you to become a blogger? What message are you trying to send out to your readers?

I needed a creative outlet outside of the corporate life. So I basically, put in all of my inspiration and creativity into my blog. Snooty Judy was my Trojan Horse to get into the creative world. The name “Snooty Judy” came from a nickname my mom once gave me. I’m very quiet and shy, and when those two personality traits mix together people start to form this misconception that I’m stuck up. When it came to Snooty Judy, I found my confidence to speak up and to exude my confidence to help others who are also stuck in their shyness. I want to show people that we all have the same struggles but we all can win if we are confident in ourselves and all work together.

Young snooty. #literally

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