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Former UNC Charlotte Students to Shoot Video In Rome

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Former UNC Charlotte Students to Shoot Video In Rome

Musician and producer Hammadi Boujmal and singer songwriter Travis Crawford, met in 2002 while students at UNC Charlotte. Once the decision was made to collaborate they performed at various talent shows on and off campus receiving high reviews at open mic nights, local radio and even having a songs as a part of television and movie soundtracks.

Now the group, Made Over Time, or M.O.T. as they like to be called has their eyes set on a new goal: shooting a music video in Rome. They launched a fundraising campaign to help them raise capital to shoot a visual for the song “Go Getta“.  At the date of this publishing, they are 45% of the way there.

The group believes what makes them unique is their explosion of a mix of two different cultures, backgrounds, styles and creativity. “The real soul is the unique melting pot of asymmetry and variety,” says Boujmal.   “It is the proof that in music, and life in general, there are no barriers between people. It’s the proof that when it comes to art, differences of religion, culture, tradition and background are not a stumbling block but become an added value, a magic thing that can lead to very creative and unique results.”

Their name Made Over Time is a testament to the passion they had to complete their musical projects though in different geographical locations and even health issues. Boujmal is currently studying overseas and Crawford is undergoing kidney dialysis.  When different and difficult events separated these artists, they carried on their work in distance, believing in the project and in its value. Believing that the key of success is dedication, hard work and true passion. and that one day their work could be recognized and appreciated, they live by the phrase never give up. M.O.T. in one word is the outcome of a fight made over time, over space, over diversity and stereotypes.

Boujmal (left) and Crawford (right) perform in Charlotte at The Wine Up. photo: Ason Photography


Over the past five years Trarius has worked on over a dozen of songs with platinum producer Davy DeLuge, who has produced hit records for such icons as Jennifer Lopez and Thalia. He has worked alongside producer/songwriter Hammadi Boujmal on songs for platinum and aware-winning producer Keith McMasters (Ludacris, Chingy, TI, P$C).

Recently Trarius had the single “Going Down” placed in the movie in “Big Fan” by director Robert Siegel (screenwriter for the movie The Wrestler). The movie includes music by big names such as Kanye West and Run-DMC. The track was produced by Hammadi (Ludacris, MTV’s Yo Momma, Rob&Big, Run’s House…)

While staying relevant on the international scene, Trarius never forgets his North Carolina roots. He received daily airplay at Charlotte’s Power 98 show – Morning Madhouse – for a remix of the song “Feen” featuring rapper Diktator. Trarius and Diktator are collaborating. He continues to submit music to various commercials, movies, and TV shows such as CSI: Miami.

Want to support this project? Visit their fundraising website to make a donation and to hear a sampling of songs.


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