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The Magic of Imagination: Life As A Professional Mermaid

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The Magic of Imagination: Life As A Professional Mermaid

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How many of you want to leave your 9-5 to pursue your passion as a career? How many of you are brave enough to do it? We chat with Shannon Rauch, a former private jet flight attendant and media personality who quit her career to become a professional mermaid.  Yes, you read that right. It’s a career that fell into her lap…uh, tail (okay, we couldn’t resist) but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Rauch was featured in an online article at where she says she originally donned her mermaid tail as an alternative form of exercise, but once people offered to pay her for appearances, she left her job to pursue the career full time. Intrigued, we chat with Rauch about her career “under the sea”; how it all began, what it entails and if she received support from family and friends when she decided to pursue this career full time.  She’s also written a book since her career began.  It’s definitely a story of inspiration to pursue your passion and live out your dreams.

Tell us about the positions you held before becoming a professional mermaid. Why didn’t you stick with any of those?
It wasn’t so much I wanted to quit I just am very sensitive to the heartstrings my imagination pulls and I want to try out so many different things and see so many different places. I’m willing to walk away from a career choice if it didn’t fit. Or evolve as I grow into different skill sets and interests.  I have been a real estate agent , a flight attendant, a flight attendant trainer, radio stations promotions assistant , a television personality, a writer and once I even was a roller skating waitress as a teen. 

How did you become mermaid?
I literally was fed up with the direction I was going professionally and really asked myself what the most recurring fantasy was as a child. My wildest dream.  I can already fly [flight attendant job] – let’s try mermaid now ! I thought I could so I did. Love that quote.

Any hesitation to enter this career?

ZERO because then I could just try something else on the list.

How about push back from your family? Are they supportive?

It’s funny. It’s a great ice breaker for my husband. The kids help me out from making crafts to making videos. They’re all very supportive and entertained. My husband is my assistant at parties.

Tell me about your career as a mermaid.  What do you do?

Weekdays are admin days, booking and training new mermaids sending and reconciling invoices repairing and replacing equipment designing ads and campaigns, lots of traveling. Lots of photo shoots. The company has grown to become a partnership called Carolina Mermaids.

What do you love most about this career?

The look of disbelief and then acceptance as a child sees the magic of imagination merging with reality.

Your career is non-conventional.  What would you say to others who want to pursue a non-conventional career?

There are too many people competing for the conventional. Make your own path and write your own rules. Grab that crown. Throw that glitter. Eat the cake.

Anything you want to say that I did not ask you?

The passion is in the risk. Put your head down and do your thing. Be ready for criticism and opposition. Those are the first obstacles. Crown yourself and shine!

Learn more about Mermaid Shannon or book her by visiting her Facebook page.

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