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Women Who Rock: Sodoma Law, Inspires Success and Philanthropy


Women Who Rock: Sodoma Law, Inspires Success and Philanthropy

Walter Brem House.Sodoma Law Office

“Discovering our values and understanding how to work smarter, do better, and not repeat the same mistakes is critical to success,” says Nicole Sodoma, Owner, Managing Principal and Attorney at Sodoma Law.

In 2008, Sodoma built a family law firm in Charlotte, N.C. with like-minded professionals and a rewarding work culture. Sodoma’s goal, as she puts it, is to “educate [her] clients on their legal options as to reduce anxiety and allow them to feel more in control of their cases.” Her work includes clients undergoing divorce, family planning, business needs, and a slew of other avenues.
Nicole Sodoma

Sodoma’s work as an attorney wasn’t always her dream. In fact, throughout her academic career, she studied to become a doctor, only to realize her true passion was helping families undergo tough legal circumstances. Sodoma describes this as an “inevitable path,” as she was a child of divorce, and now can better understand the experience as an adult.

Sodoma Law’s successes are not limited to the legal field, and their compassion doesn’t end in the office. In fact, Sodoma and her team announced their creation of the Sodoma Law Foundation in 2014 as a way to foster philanthropy, both regionally and nationally. This foundation supports many local and national causes such as Pat’s Place Child Advocacy Center in Mecklenburg County, and Fashion & Compassion, a philanthropy that aids women in poverty.

“Philanthropy has been a part of my life, both professionally and personally, since early adulthood,” Sodoma says. “Our goal is to make a difference in our community not just through the legal system, but by supporting local initiatives that help families and children right in our own back yard.”

Nadia.Nicole.SirPurr at Good Friends Charlotte 2015

Although it seems that creating and operating a firm, as well as giving back to the community has been effortless for Sodoma and her predominately female team, she admits that her work as an attorney isn’t always stress-free. “There is truly no way to perfectly balance work and life,” Sodoma says. “My personal balance comes on the days where I am able to be present for my family, my firm and my clients.”

She built a firm and career that continues to experience success. Her mindfulness and hard work benefit the clients she serves and the greater Charlotte, N.C. community.

“Regardless of gender, creating the opportunities to excel in the things that matter most to you may be the hardest goal to accomplish but is certainly the most rewarding,” Sodoma says.


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