Summer Beauty Must Haves to Pick Up Now

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Recently, we stopped into Pink Dot Beauty Bar, a Charleston-based locally owned beauty boutique.  We spoke to the team about entrepreneurship and beauty and picked up some pretty great tips on must have items for the summer.  Here are Pink Dot Beauty Bar’s summer must haves (which you can pick up during your stop in the shop):


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RMS Beauty Master Mixer

The luminous rose gold hue is this season’s most flattering tone for face and body. Subtly gilding and perfecting skin with a warm, golden tone and RMS trade mark ‘lit from within’ effect. The RMS Master Mixer makeup is an update on cool strobing and highlighting products of past seasons. This make up magic wand with the ‘Midas Touch’ is set to be the next makeup bag staple loved by the pros & beauty junkies alike.

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