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“Snap Back” with This Workout for Mommy and Baby

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“Snap Back” with This Workout for Mommy and Baby


Husband and wife duo Johnnie and Lashonda Jones

Husband and wife duo Johnnie and Lashonda Jones own a successful personal training and healthy living business, Core Elevation Fitness and Wellness.  Together they have helped hundreds of people lose weight, improve their health, and rediscover the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. However, two years ago after Lashonda gave birth to their first child, she had to find a way to get back into shape postpartum. It was then she created the Mommy & Me Cardio Toning Workout Video, a 20 minute, full body, cardio toning work out. The video was designed to be performed both with and without baby. So as baby grows, you can continue using the video to keep up your workout regimen.

Why did you decided to create this video?

I’ve been training for seven years but when I became a mom two years ago with my son, time became very precious to me. I struggled with finding time to both care for him and still care for myself through working out. I researched and realized there wasn’t a lot of exercise videos out there showing mom’s how to incorporate their babies into their workout so I decided why not make one? As moms, its great to have that option to workout from home, with or without the baby and even during nap time.

Is this your first workout video? 

This was my first workout video but since then I’ve created more online workouts for all fitness levels.  Check it out here.  We’re always creating new videos and content so be sure to follow us on social media for new workout video & challenges.

How did you come up with the routine for the workout video? Is this based on feedback from clients or maybe areas you wanted to target after having your son?
I created the workout routine myself based on my personal experience and what other moms requested.  I pretty much shared similar exercises that I did to get back in shape after having my son. I made it a full body cardio & toning workout because all these areas become weak during pregnancy and recovery. I chose exercises that were both safe yet challenging, targeting all the major muscles including the core (abs and back).


What are the challenges moms face when trying to get on a workout plan and how can they overcome them?

The top two that I’ve personally experienced and hear the most are time and guilt. Especially during the newborn phase, most moms are super tired and super busy. Finding time can be challenging which is why I made the video 20 minutes long. Even in the tightest of times I could find 20 minutes to workout.

Some moms feel guilty for making time for themselves. Even I dealt with it. What helped me was finding ways I could incorporate him into my workouts and reminding myself that being healthy makes me a better mom and [a better] me. The combination of the two helped me overcome those challenges.

The quick “snap back” goal is popular among moms these days. What is a reasonable goal for moms to give themselves to snap back?

Every mom is different. Our bodies and even situations post baby are different so my best recommendation is give yourself the time YOU need. You can reasonably get back in shape within 3-6 months post baby. The keys are to listen to your body,  embrace the journey, and be as consistent as possible with healthy food choices and working out. Our bodies can do some amazing things including getting back in shape if we put in the work to do so.

How do you balance being a Mom and having a career?

Its a constant juggle. My priorities have always been family first so I tailor everything around my priorities.

What advice would you give to other Moms who want to start a business or career?

If God leads you to do it, go for it! It helps to have a great support team especially once you become a mom. I know many moms who seem to balance it all well. Prayer, organization, support and prioritizing have been key for me.

Check out the trailer for the video below. You can order the video here.

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