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New Men’s Fashion Brand is Made for Men with Style


New Men’s Fashion Brand is Made for Men with Style

It’s all about the pocket square for new men’s fashion accessory line: Made Lifestyle Collection.

There’s more to men’s fashion than big-ticket items such as fancy suits and leather loafers. For Made Lifestyle Collection the fun is in the details. With a primary focus on pocket squares, Made is a new men’s accessory collection created by Chuck Holliday. This Charlotte, N.C. transplant—Brooklyn, N.Y. native—is dedicated to the details of men’s attire.

Holliday is the co-owner of CHELCA, a content and publishing production firm, in addition to being the creative director for Made. His leap to the men’s fashion world appears seamless. “It’s still all about storytelling,” Holliday says, showing the relation between his various career avenues.

Made is the new chapter in Holliday’s storytelling. The collection began as a private accessory line for friends of Holliday’s who shared his wardrobe needs and styles of expression. The brand transitioned to a public collection in efforts to style gentlemen beyond Holliday’s inner-circle.


Made Lifestyle Collection Creator Chuck Holliday

The Made Collection includes 32 cotton pocket squares for $29.95 or less, and 12 fashion shades in Aviator and Wayfarer styles. Designs include floral, plaid, animal and geometric prints, among a slew of other flashy and muted shades.


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Particular patterns such as the “Armory” pocket square tread the middle ground between trendy and traditional. Armory is a signature design in a military camouflage print with deep, earthy shades that will complement any sports coat or shoe.


The idea behind Holliday’s designs and his signature pocket square was to compliment the flexibility of changing dress expectations in the work place. According to Holliday, “Men can now wear a sports coat and slacks without a neck tie, and it’s accepted in the same regard as a full three-piece suit.”

The Made Man is adhering to modern business and casual expressions, while maintaining the sophisticated dress of traditional styles. It’s a flexible brand suited for business meetings and happy hours, alike. Made’s accessories meet the needs of modern working class men without limiting the designs to men at the office. Holliday says, “I also wanted to focus more on men who live for life after finishing the work day.”

What’s next for Made? According to Holliday, “Made’s primary focus will always be on pocket squares,” but this creative director hopes to expand to other small-ticket items. We can expect to see new eyewear and fragrance in the near future. Made also has plans for conservative designs that still live up to their stylish standards, keeping in mind the executives who aren’t drawn to the daring pocket square patterns and shades of the current collection.

Holliday says, “Every day is new and presents a different challenge, and I don’t think I’d have it any other way.” And for the Made Man, every day presents a new opportunity to transform a classic sports coat with a spunky pocket square.

The next time you see a confident man with a floral printed pocket square, know he’s probably a Made man. It’s all about the details.


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