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Travel in STYLE: Wedding Weekend Itinerary with Champions Retreat

Exterior shot of the cottages @ChampionsRetreat

Travel in STYLE

Travel in STYLE: Wedding Weekend Itinerary with Champions Retreat

It can quite possibly be argued that, in less than a decade the multi-billion dollar organizing platform, Pinterest, has completely transformed the wedding planning experience. A process that once was spent adorning pages of Brides, Southern Bride, and Martha Stewart Wedding with sticky notes, has since evolved into shareable digital bookmarks that act as the perfect blueprint to your big day, no matter how close (or in the very distant future) it may be.

Unfortunately, with a plethora of options it becomes increasingly more difficult to narrow down final details. Luckily, STYLE’s latest weekend excursion took me to Evans, Georgia, home of the newly christened Barn at the Champions Retreat Golf Club. The all inclusive rustic, chic, venue serves as a backdrop to the quintessential southern wedding; extending your big day with family and friends well into the weekend. The 10,000 sq. ft space touts a banquet hall, private dinning room and a bridal ready room that is to die for! When choosing the picturesque private club as the setting for your nuptials you and your guest are then given complete access to all that Champions Retreat has to offer; making it the perfect wedding getaway.

Exterior 4

|Exterior of The Barn|

| Interior, Bridal Ready Room|

Bride - Green Room 6

|Interior, Bridal Ready Room|

This STYLE approved wedding weekend itinerary has been curated to maximize your experience at Champions Retreat. Every experience and activity is individualized for all groups looking to make lasting memories.

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Welcome Dinner/Cocktail Reception

After your guests settle into their cottages they will have a chance to gather for one of the many meals prepared by head chef Doug Seaver and accompanied by pit master Hal Rowland. Between the two culinary knockouts they have more than 30 years of experience.

|Oyster Roast welcome|


|Elevated Low Country Boil|

Introducing The Princess Augusta Saxx #cheers

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|Cheers to The Princess Augusta Saxe-Gotha|

Recipe courtesy of Doug Snyder, Director of Food & Beverage

1.5 oz Fruitland Peach Vodka

3/4 oz Royal Combier Orange Liqueur

1 oz. Peach Puree

1/2 oz Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice 

1/2 Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice

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After Dinner Activities 

What greater way to have your guest get to know each other better than with some friendly competition. Evening putting lit by the glow of strategically arranged golf carts makes for an interesting handicap to say the least. This is just one of the ways Champions creates a unique experience for its guest even if you’re a novice golfer it’s hard not to have a good time.


|This beats put-put any day|

Evening putting lit by golf carts, yes please?!

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|Lets just say it was a hole-in-one|

Call It A Night 

Guest will wind down in 1 of the 16 cottages offered on the property, each accommodating anywhere from four to eight couples. The spacious quarters include sweeping windows overlooking breathtaking views of the retreat, pronounced fire places and fully equipped state-of-the-art kitchens. Comfort is at the core of each residence.

|Inside the Sweetwater Cottage|

|Inside the Sweetwater Cottage|

|Inside Sweetwater Cottage|

Breakfast & Bogies

The focal point of this weekend (other than the wedding of course) would have to be the three uniquely designed golf courses that sit on the Champions Retreat property. Nestled along the Savannah River, three of golf’s greats –  Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Gary Player – came together to construct a singularly distinct experience in the world of golf. Even first time players can appreciate the breathtaking views and impeccably maintained natural topography. Champions sustainability efforts allow guest to revel in all its pure beauty while coexisting within nature. For those who wish to take a lesson, head golf professional, Dan Terlescki is more than happy to teach novice and improve the more experienced, all while making guests feel at ease.


| Island 9 Course Designed by Arnold Palmer|

|Island 9 – Champions|

On the course you HAVE to stop and take in the scenery

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|Island 9 – Champions|


The Spa Treatment

After playing a couple holes, waiting for your guest is a professional masseuses ready to knead out those tough, achey spots. In addition to massages, there is a team prepared to give facials and other spa related treats, all in the comfort of your own cottage.



|Aqua Fresca Prepared by Doug Snyder|

Progressive Dinner & Tour of The Barn

If golf is the life blood of Champions Retreat then camaraderie is its soul. Priding themselves on building and maintaining relationships; Champions uses the dinner table to solidify these connections. The manifestation of this is the progressive dinner, described as an innovative approach to the family style meal; the progressive dinner could make for a creative alternative to the usual rehearsal dinner. While guest move through each room they are able to taste a perfectly paired hors d’oeuvre and cocktail, ultimately, finishing up in the grand dinning hall.


|@Champs Retreat|

Chandelier 1

|@Champs Retreat|


|@Champs Retreat|

|@Champs Retreat|


|@Champs Retreat|


|@Champs Retreat|

Plan Your Next Wedding Weekend With Champions Retreat

Call 706.854.6960 or visit their website 

For more information on Heritage Golf Group, call 706.854.6960 or visit their website.

Follow Champions Retreat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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