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Smockingbird Cinches Up the Perfect Summer Looks for Your Little One

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Smockingbird Summer Dress


It’s a rare occasion when I find myself envious of children’s clothes but I can honestly say,  Anna Shuford and Parmelee Miller, designers of Smockingbird Children’s Clothing have accomplished just that. Their latest pieces highlight the time-honored technique of smocking while combining breathable styles for the kids to run around and remain cool all summer long.

In addition to maintaining the integrity of the atheistic, Miller and Shuford vowed to produce an affordable product as well. As mothers themselves, the two designers, understand a thing or two about maximizing budgets and wardrobes. It’s no secret kids grow, what seems like overnight, therefore it only makes sense to search for budget friendly creations.

Recently released classics consist of smocked clothing for girls and boys including rompers, bishop dresses, bubbles, john johns, bathing suits and more. Smockingbird has placed special emphasis on its swimsuit line offering both girls two-piece and one-piece suits, boys swim shorts, and summer sun hats that are available in a variety of colors. The sizes range from infants to children’s 6 and monograming is available both on swimsuits and most of the Smockingbird line.


Click through and check out the latest in the Smockingbird collection.

[All images courtesy of Smockingbird Children’s Clothing]


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