Happy Mother’s Slay: Modern, Stylish Moms Who Slay

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As a mother of five year old twins with another duo debuting next month, I know what it’s like to do the best that you can at life and have so many other people counting on you.  Modern moms in the digital world are trying to make a career for themselves, take care of kids, be a good wife and try to make time for friends – all while looking like we’ve had a good night’s rest, every night, always choosing the perfect wardrobe and makeup – and still having time for blogging and posting photos to Instagram (exhausting just writing all that). It’s not easy (and sometimes its not possible). Nonetheless, there are women out there who are making motherhood look oh so good (and seem to enjoy it along the way).

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So today, in honor of modern, stylish moms everywhere, I’m sharing a few stylish Carolina-based mom’s I follow on Instagram. They share their stories of career success, adorable family photos and yes, even a few “this is my REAL life”, “don’t judge me ” “my kids are no angels” photos too.

Personal blogging and Instagram posts are slowing down for me as I’m in my final weeks of pregnancy, but I plan to share more of my crazy story soon.  Hopefully, I’ll be an inspiration too, showing women, no matter how hard it gets, trying to juggle all of our many stylish hats in the air, we don’t quit, we don’t give up. When it gets hard, we may cry at times – and that’s okay – but we wipe those tears, cancel the pity party and get back out there and SLAY!

Which Carolina-based Mom do you follow? Tell me in the Facebook comments below.


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