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Watch the Replay: “Building Your Financial Empire” with Marsha Barnes of The Finance Bar

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Watch the Replay: “Building Your Financial Empire” with Marsha Barnes of The Finance Bar

Recently, I sat down for a virtual Hangout with Marsha Barnes of The Finance Bar to talk about Building Your Financial Empire.  Our 20 minute discussion was filled with knowledge about credit cards, saving money, home ownership, teaching young children about saving money and more.

In case you missed it, you can watch the recap along with a guide on what questions were asked when. Look below to see the minute mark the specific questions were answered.

Best wishes to you on your finance journey!

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(2:00) What’s the real deal with credit cards? Are they good or bad?

(2:45) What’s the best way to manage your credit card?

(3:28) How do you save money when you don’t make enough to save?

(5:15) How did you come up with the concept for The Finance Bar?

(8:18) Is home ownership for everyone? How do you know you’re ready for home ownership?

(9:40) How should you handle loaning money out to friends and family?

(10:44) If you have money saved up and you are ready to start investing, what is the first step?

(12:00) Who is responsible for paying for a college education? Is it the parents on the children?

(14:00) A discussion about teaching young children financial management (as young as five years old).

(15:27) How do you build your financial empire?

(18:10) How much should you leave to your kids (in the event of your death)?

(20:08) Tell us about the app you created and other resources that you offer to get people on the path to financial freedom.


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