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Vegan Friendly Charlotte : Five Places to Go for Great Vegan

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I remember an interview I had with Russell Simmons back in 2013. He was promoting his new fashion line at Belk and I was scheduled to meet him bright and early on a Saturday morning.  I was pretty stoked because he is someone in the business world I admire (do you know he lost millions of dollars on his first clothing line for years and didn’t turn a profit until year seven?).
Anyway, when I walked into the interview room, there was a nice spread of food, vegan, to which he promptly and warmly offered to share with me.
erin l hubbs; photographer

erin l hubbs; photographer

You’re more than welcome to try some of the food,”  he offered. “Its vegan.”
Oh, no thank you,” I said politely. I was too nervous to eat. “What actually is vegan food, anyway?”
It’s basically food that doesn’t have a face. Food that wasn’t born.” he responded.
Now, some three years later, vegan food has picked up in popularity, to the point of mainstreaming.  One person who has always been vegan however is my friend and publicist Jameka Whitten of JSW Media Group. Every time we go out to eat, she is customizing her food to fit her vegan diet (and her Mom makes the best vegan brownies).
I think I’m finally ready to try something vegan, so I asked Jameka to share with me – and now you- some of the best vegan spots to try in Charlotte. Here is what she told me.
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