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New Charleston Zine Promotes Alternative Fashion Inspo

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New Charleston Zine Promotes Alternative Fashion Inspo

Founder and creative director of Dollhouse – Magazine, Gauge Santiago describes himself as something of a nomad. Hailing from Los Angeles and venturing to Charleston doesn’t necessarily seem like a natural progression but nonetheless he made his way to the Holy City. Ultimately, he attributes his move to a few friends whom had already planted roots in the area.

All photos are courtesy of Doll House Magazine


Gauge Santiago

My career as a stylist and photographer allow me to meet lots of creative people and Charleston is full of them right now; especially in the under ground scene,” Santiago explained.

For about 5 years he had been playing around with the name Doll House in the realm of photography but in the last 5 months is when it hit him to use the name for a magazine. After, calling upon his creative cohorts he began laying the ground work for Doll House.


My inspiration for Doll House really just came from all the amazing people I work with. And eventually it just became this big collaborative effort,” Santiago said.

The monthly fashion publication will highlight stylist and designers but all while incorporating art and music features as well. According to Santiago, for him, art, music and fashion all streamline together so it only made sense to showcase it all in one place.

The role music plays in fashion is interesting — you can have a fashion show and change the music and completely recreate the concept of the show. I want to build esthetics to bring to the world.”


Although, Doll House is solely online, Santiago explains that he and his team plan to release a big print issue in July which will allow other people recreate their work if they wish.

With our print issue I would to see what people do with our work — like people who do collages or illustrations — I’d love to see Doll House incorporated into some of that— take our pictures cut them up and make cool stuff. That’s the perfect way to connect with people who like what we like.”


Bringing together creatives is a big goal for Santiago which is why his work doesn’t stop with just the magazine. Every Thursday at Tabbuli he and other stylist host a fashion show. It’s an opportunity for those dining to have an interactive fashion experience while highlighting local creatives.


Artist: Rebecca Coltorti 


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