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Belk Southern Music Showcase Winner & Carolina’s Very Own: Jennifer B & The Groove


Belk Southern Music Showcase Winner & Carolina’s Very Own: Jennifer B & The Groove

Before Jennifer B. belts those soul pounding, moody harmonies, the first thing you’re bound to notice is her electric pink guitar. However, once she opens her mouth you’re instantly transported to a simpler time, reminiscent of old time juke joints and whiskey neat. It’s hard to believe a powerful voice such as Jennifer’s was in jeopardy; as a two time lymph node cancer survivor B’s vocals scream bluesy blessings! We were able to chat with Jennifer B and the Groove after they were announced as 1 of 5 winners in the Belk Southern Music Showcase.


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Carolina STYLE: For starters, who would you consider your music inspiration? 

J&TG: There are so many it depends on what day it is but surprisingly the movie Grease played a big role for me when I was 10 or 11-years-old, I then knew that’s what I wanted to do, I wanted to sing. Aretha Franklin, Melissa Etheridge, Janis Joplin, Buddy Guy, The Almond Brothers and lots and lots more.

Carolina STYLE: As for inspiration what would you say is your fashion inspo? 

J&TG: I really like boho type fashion — hippie-fied fashion if you will, it goes with the music that we do. 

Carolina STYLE: Have you had the opportunity to do some touring? If so where have you gone and what is your mandatory must have on the road?

J&TG: We’ve toured locally mostly small little 3 or 4 day journeys, we did go to Memphis twice for the International Blues Challenge last year and the year before and we got to the semifinals, competing against bands from all over the world. And as for something that I need, probably my cell phone just so I can stay in touch with all my people but that’s about it. 

Carolina STYLE: Wow, that’s pretty amazing. Since we’re here in Charleston, have you all had an opportunity to explore?

J&TG: No, we drove and we plan on going to see some family in Salem, SC which its like the pie in the corner about 12 miles from Georgia, the Piedmont Tri area. So we’d like to stay another day before we leave for Salem. Tomorrow go see the ocean and maybe hangout and catch a show tonight. 

Carolina STYLE: We’d like to ask you guys the same question: who do you consider your musical inspiration?

The Groove: There are bands that I [Nick Boettcher] absolutely love, The Wood Brothers they’re just really phenomenal writing, playing all around. As a guitar player I’m a fan of Jeff Beck and Danny Gatton. And of course the usual suspects Bob Dylan and the rest of the greats. 

Carolina STYLE: Since this is Belk we all want to know what is your closet filled with the most? Mayb Pinterest inspo?

The Groove: I’m a huge fan of fashion, I like clothes that fit well! Our flight was delayed so we were a little late for the fitting we had today but luckily it all fit like a glove. A nice pair of jeans and a good pair of boots, its hard to go wrong with good denim; again, it’s all about fit.  

Carolina STYLE: Lastly, is there anything that helps you feel more at home on the road?

The Groove: Personally, if I have my guitar I’m usually okay. I always have people around me and ultimately we have a pretty good little crew. Actually, I feel the most at home on stage, i’m very comfortable there and I really do enjoy meeting people and the whole on the road lifestyle. 

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