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Belk Southern Music Showcase Winner & Carolina’s Very Own: Bluehoney


Belk Southern Music Showcase Winner & Carolina’s Very Own: Bluehoney

Working with your spouse can unfold in either one of two ways: seeing each other everyday provokes you to clean every inch of the bathroom with their tooth brush orrrrr it’s a constant reminder of why you fell in love in the first place. We think it’s safe to say the husband & wife duo, Blue Honey, relates to the latter feeling. Prior to tying the knot, Troy Brooks and Kassie Jordan, both had found success in their respective music careers. It wasn’t until a few mutual friends urged them to meet, that blue honey would be born. We caught up with the musical couple at the Belk Southern Music Showcase, where they, along with 5 other musicians were named the 2016 winners.


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Carolina STYLE: I understand that you [Kassie Jordan] are from South Carolina but eventually moved to Nashville, Tennessee; how would you describe your sound?

Blue Honey: Well, Troy and I are both song writers so we kind of just use our song writing as a form of therapy. He’s a very bluesy guitar player and I have more of an old country/ [slash] Motown style which you could essentially call it ‘Rockin Americana’ but ask us tomorrow and it’ll be something totally different. 

Carolina STYLE: So, how did you all come together as a band? How did ya’ll meet? 

Blue Honey: We ordered them [ just kidding] — When they [Jordan & Brooks] were solo, we’re kind of a fusion of each of their solo acts with Bradley Near on piano, Corey Hughes on drums, and Matt Anderson on bass. 

Carolina STYLE: You’ve had a chance to tour are there any pre-performance rituals or any pieces of home that you try to bring with you?

Blue Honey: It might be kinda cheesy but I [Jordan] always say a prayer and I [Brooks] probably shouldn’t put this with that but usually a drink, something straight. [Jordan] A shot of whiskey and a prayer. As for touring, we are very close with our dogs and we have two dogs, a yorkie and a larger dog who’s a mut and sometimes we can get away with bringing the smaller one with us. I can’t really think of anything else because most of it we can make do.

Carolina STYLE: Since this is a Belk event and your stage looks were styled Belk, what would you consider your style inspiration?

Blue Honey: [Jordan] I’m a huge Stevie Nicks fan so i’ve always liked really flowey stuff, so I tend to gravitate toward the brand free people or belk, kind of like hippie-ish stuff. [Brooks] And I wear what baby tells me to wear [chuckles] He likes hats and he looks good in them so he picks his hat and I pick the rest.

Carolina STYLE: That’s right, ya’ll are married, which makes me wonder how were you able to choose/decide on a band for the reception?

Blue Honey: I [Jordan] wanted a DJ cause we’re around bands all the time we had to meet in the middle so my uncle was the DJ for the first half then for the second half we had all of our friends — most of our wedding party was musicians — we just set up a band stand and people would just come up and sit in with each other. It was really one just giant jam session. 

Carolina STYLE: Well, is there anything else you’d want readers to know about you all and your music?

Blue Honey: [Brooks] Listen to our first EP, go to listen to it front to back if you can. I think a lot of the times nowadays with social media our attention spans are all over the place and people are rarely sitting down putting a CD in and listening to it the whole way through. So we just encourage people to check out our music and try and listen to it in its entirety.


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