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Antoinette Haynes



Antoinette Haynes the Business Woman

Antoinette Haynes is a Professional Esthetician who is on the move. Based in Greensboro, NC Haynes has passion and drive giving her clients quality service with the best products from her brand Serenity Suite Skin Care. She is on the Advisory Board for Aesthetics Technology Program at Davidson County Community College were she volunteers with the Look Good Feel Better Program servicing cancer patients with their skincare and makeup routines. She will offer instructional classes for Threading and Eyelash Extensions starting 2016.

Q&A with Antoinette Haynes

  1. What was the first interest in your career? I always loved the scents of the products at Victoria Secret and Bath and Body Works however, there came a time were those products weren’t working for me. I started working with shea butter years ago and began to incorporate it into my recipes. An Esthetician told me about a skincare program and I was hooked. I started school and wanted to learn everything there was to know and the energy is still high everyday of my career.
  2. What made you start your business? I decided to start my own business because I wanted to take more time with my clientele. The  one-on-one personalized approach is my specialty with each of my clients. They appreciate the care and attention I give them and it is always my pleasure!
  3. Who are your mentors or persons that motivate you? My instructor Pamela Gregory who has been in the skincare business for over 35 years. I also look up to people who have started from ground zero, people who have a positive mindset that are mentally grounded and have strive to be were they are today are major motivators to me.
  4. What made you start a skincare collection? It all started when I couldn’t find a product that could moisturized my skin properly. I wanted to make products that could assist with dry and extra dry skin. While improving along the way I created the Serenity Suite Skin Care Collection and it is selling very well. More items are coming soon.
  5. What is the best part of your job? The best part is to see a satisfied customer; when they re-book and they give referrals it makes my day.
  6. Are there any services that you specialize in? The results from my clients skin is most satisfying but the instant “wow” for me are my brow and lash techniques.
  7. Are there any pointers you would like that person who wants to start their own business know? It may sound cliche but have passion with all that you do. There may be slow times and other days were you can not keep up but you have to satisfy the customer and remember why you started this venture.
  8. What was the most difficult trial that you have overcome in business? With the continuous rise of technology, I have come to find that I can’t do this alone. I had to build a team to support me in the areas that I could not implement myself. In any business, delegate or die.
  9. What is your best reward thus far in business? When a customer is dedicated and is a constant return client is a great reward of mine. They always love their results and I am so grateful each time.
  10. Tell us something that you would like everyone to know. In the coming year, I will begin to add new products to the collection, I will start instructing licensed professionals with threading and eyelash extensions. These classes are private or small in number to give attention to each participant. Continuing education credits are given upon completion.



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