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Porsche Designs: The Future of Fashion


Porsche Designs: The Future of Fashion

If Jane Jetson were to receive a wardrobe revamp that projected the future of fashion in the next millennium, I’m pretty sure it would look something like the “Porsche Design Women” collection: Voyager. The sports-lifestyle brand introduced its Spring/Summer 2016 women’s collection at its new location in South Park Mall. I caught up with Senior Designer Pierre Costin to discuss the Voyager inspired collection which he describes as a nod to the modern business traveller and today’s woman.



STYLE: Can you tell me a little about what we might see tonight?

Pierre Costin: Well, we created a collection called Voyager and the reason we chose to call it that [Voyager] is because the brand of course related to the car so it’s very futuristics feeling. We had this travel of the future idea; many luxury brands focus on the past, very retro and vintage looks but we wanted to offer options for the traveler of tomorrow. For instance, we have buttons on the women’s jackets and blouses that are actually shaped like the planet saturn. It’s a very small detail though slightly humorous was a way for us to enhance that futuristic feel.


STYLE: That sounds so fun I can’t wait! However, I’m loving these looks on the floor like the leather jacket and its detailing.

Pierre Costin: Oh absolutely, this technique here is a form of laser sewing made in Italy and the special molding technique used gives it a very technical look. We have all these other great technical aspects like this bottom piece is removable, its zips off giving you a cropped leather jacket. It’s important that our designs not only look good but move with you and offer versatility. Along with these aspects we appreciate unique details like large oversized zippers which are made in Italy. There is only one maker in the world who can make the statement zippers and they make it custom for us [Porsche] which makes all of the moto jackets so unique. It adds presence almost like a piece of jewelry.   



STYLE: Since the brand really values effortless looks and functionality, how else can these aspects be seen the collection?

Pierre Costin: Well, here we our most icon handbag, the Twin bag, we bring it back every season in many colors. It has this function that you can change the strap length so you can wear as an under the shoulder bag as well as a handbag. With it’s many functions this is something we truly value, it’s neat, clean and fun to look at. People’s attention spans are so short these days, it’s double tap for a like and move on. They make decisions on what they like very, very quickly about what they like and what they want to buy so you have to very quickly try and capture their attention and I think that’s something we have done and continue to do, specifically with this new collection.



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