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How to Wear the Modern Bohemian Style in Four Easy Steps

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How to Wear the Modern Bohemian Style in Four Easy Steps

Bohemian style has taken over. These styles are both romantic and free-spirited allowing for individual style and personality. Celebrities like Kate Moss have a significant influence on the current bohemian style, making her a fashion icon. Here are four easy steps to get the Kate Moss look.

First, a printed maxi dress or skirt is a great piece to begin coordinating your cool bohemian outfits. The best ones are solid-colored. You can build your outfits easier from these simple dresses and skirts and make a comfortable ensemble. Boyfriend, flared jeans and leggings are also a stable of the bohemian look. As temperatures drop throw on a fringed jacket. Typically bohemian colors are earthy tones, such as basic blacks, browns, cream and olive colors. These colors look great when mixed together.

Second, pair a maxi skirt or jeans with a tunic or peasant top. Embroidered tops are a great pairing. They are the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks of bohemian style. When it comes to layering, don’t overdo it with too many long layers. You want to avoid a sloppy and bulky look. If you are wearing a loose layer top, make sure you other layers, dress or jeans are form fitting.

Third, there must also be attention paid to accessories. To show off your bohemian sense of style wear long layered necklaces, belts, moccasins, boots, ballerina flats, platform shoes, fringed suede cross-body bags and floppy hats. A floppy hat instantly adds gypsy flair to your outfit. A one stop shop for Bohemian style is They have beautiful suede bags, poncho coats and floppy hats.

Last, throw on an infinity scarf and you have perfected the bohemian style. and the store located in the Carolina Place Pavilion has the largest selection of bohemian style scarfs at a very reasonable price.

Remember, when creating your bohemian look to always go with your individual style and make it your own. Have fun!

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Carolyn Taylor is a freelance fashion writer, blogger, public relations and marketing coordinator living in Charlotte, NC, with an extensive background in social media and event planning. She has earned a Masters of Art Degree in Communications and has conceptualized, produced, and written for several non-profit organizations and publications. She has also choreographed fashion shows, photo shoots, commercials and ad placements.

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