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STYLE Music Monday : Big Daddy Love

STYLE Music Mondays

STYLE Music Monday : Big Daddy Love

Just as chefs are embracing eating seasonally and locally and the farm-to-table movement, there’s a host of musicians embracing their roots, as well.  Americana is on the rise, and there’s no better example than North Carolina’s own Big Daddy Love.  

Big Daddy Love calls Winston-Salem home and plays what they call “Appalachian Rock”, a distinct blend of bluegrass, roots, and good old rock’n’roll.  The group originated in 2009 and quickly gained attention, even winning the Under the Radar contest at the 2010 FloydFest, an annual festival in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains celebrating everything from rock to world music.

After going through the usual musical growing pains, including having to replace their lead singer/guitarist/songwriter when the band began touring too much for family life, Big Daddy Love settled into a lineup in 2012 with Brian Swenk on banjo, Joseph Recchio on guitar and vocals, Ashley Sutton on bass and vocals, Scott Moss on vocals and guitar, and Scotty Lewis on drums.  In the past few months, they’ve added keyboardist Bill Stevens. As their Twitter says “We have a Wookie, a banjo, a black drummer, a redneck Italian, and an offensive lineman singer.”  An eclectic mix to be sure!  But they all have one thing in common; as lead singer Moss says, “my favorite thing about the band is finding five other individuals that have the same goals and the same idea about music. “


We all grew up making music, bands throughout college and such,” Moss continues, “but it gets to a point where you want to make it your profession, and it’s not easy to find people who are willing to put in the work to make a group professional.  Besides being great musicians, I feel lucky to have found guys that are easy to hang with and be on the road with, as well.

While Americana music may be growing in popularity, it’s still not mainstream — and Big Daddy Love is ok with that.  “We’re a break from Top 40 music and what the media feeds you, “says Moss, “it’s a breath of fresh air.  This music has always been around, but right now it’s being expanded, our generation is doing its take, and it’s definitely not going anywhere.”

Big Daddy Love is working on a new album amidst all their touring.  They already have three studio albums out, as well as a recording of a concert at Ziggy’s in Winston-Salem.  There are also multiple videos on YouTube that captures the group’s high-energy concert style.  If you’ve never thought of listening to any group with a banjo, Moss suggests checking out their songs “Nashville Flood” and “Silver and Pearls.”  “’Nashville Flood’ mixes in a lot of rock and roll and is a good snapshot of what we sound like,” says Moss, “and ‘Silver and Pearls’ shows more of our bluegrass side.”

This style of music cycles, it’s cool for a while, then not cool for a while – though I don’t know if you’d put us in the cool category,” Moss jokes.  “But like it or not you may as well just listen to it!


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Ann Davis-Rowe is a native Pennsylvanian, former resident of Washington, D.C., and now proud to live, work, and play in downtown Winston-Salem. An admin by day and musical theatre performer by night, she really wants to be a librarian when she grows up. When not eating and/or watching TV on the couch with her husband and their corgimutts, she can usually be found pretending to exercise and avoiding cilantro.

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