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Halloween Fun, Live and Onstage in the Triad

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Halloween Fun, Live and Onstage in the Triad

The end of October is filled with costume parties, haunted houses, and trick-or-treating.  But this year, especially if you’re in the Piedmont, consider creepy crawlies of another sort – theatrical ones.

Three of the community theatres in the Triad are featuring spooky fare this Halloween weekend.  Winston-Salem Theatre Alliance is reviving The Rocky Horror Show for a third time.  Gray Smith is back in the fishnets as Dr. Frank N. Furter, and the rest of the partygoers at the Frankenstein Place are a mix of familiar faces and new fiends – er, friends.


Just like at the movie version, callbacks are allowed and encouraged.  There will be prop kits available for sale, and patrons are allowed to bring their own props, with some restrictions – no water guns, open flames, hot dogs/toast/rice throwing – for the safety of the rest of the audience and the performers. There is a midnight matinee on Halloween night, and this will be the first production in Theatre Alliance’s newly renovated theater.

Says Artistic Director Jamie Lawson, “If the third time’s the charm, then this Rocky Horror is ready to mesmerize you with trashy nostalgia!  We can hardly stand the antici-…..PA-tion ourselves!”

The Community Theatre of Greensboro is going a little less cult classic and little more classic classic with Dracula.  Everyone knows the story of the undead count and his battle with Van Helsing, but this familiar tale will bring new scares in the intimate setting of the Starr Theatre.


Following the Friday, October 30th show, there will be a Fright Night party in the Cone Studio, which is in the same building as the performance.  There will be a costume contest, cash bar, and DJ.

Heather Jaynes plays Lucy, whose mysterious illness prompts an investigation into the title character.  “Her transition from delicate, charming daughter to a conniving, manipulative blood sucker is very exciting and fun to play,” says Jaynes.  “Lucy feels sorry for the count.  He has done so much evil and been on this journey of immortality alone for such a long time.  It seems as though he has only and always wanted to be loved and have someone to love for centuries to come.”

High Point Community Theatre is bringing the mysterious and spooky Addams Family to life.  Originally a cartoon and then a hit TV show, the musical has everyone you remember, Gomez, Morticia, Pugsley, Grandmama, Lurch, Cousin Itt – and a Wednesday who smiles??  The premise of the show is that a grownup Wednesday has fallen in love and brought the wholesome Midwestern boy and his parents home to meet the family. As you can imagine, calamity – and hilarity – ensues.  Buoyed by an ensemble of ghostly ancestors, the Addams family is not so different than the norm. They may have some unusual hobbies and decorating preferences, but in their dark little hearts, they are about love and support and putting family first. Bring your family to see this mysterious and spooky one!





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Ann Davis-Rowe is a native Pennsylvanian, former resident of Washington, D.C., and now proud to live, work, and play in downtown Winston-Salem. An admin by day and musical theatre performer by night, she really wants to be a librarian when she grows up. When not eating and/or watching TV on the couch with her husband and their corgimutts, she can usually be found pretending to exercise and avoiding cilantro.

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