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11th Annual Art, Beats + Lyrics Stops by The Fillmore

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11th Annual Art, Beats + Lyrics Stops by The Fillmore

It’s hard to deny that every lady loves a gentleman, and thanks to the fine gentleman & [ladies] at Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whiskey, all the Carolina Creatives, both near and far were able to enjoy a night of art, music and culture.

The traveling art show Art, Beats + Lyrics began over 10 years ago in Atlanta and has since exploded into one of the world’s largest mobile arts tours. In celebration of their 11th year they kicked off their tour Friday, October 16th at The Fillmore.

While approaching the venue, sounds of 90s hip hop classics blasted from the speakers and out the doors of the entrance. Guest couldn’t help but dance their way in, to the music stylings of DJ Hourglass.

AB+L 2 (Dana's)

With a complementary cocktail in hand I was ready to check out some great art and meet the super talented artist behind each piece. The first creation to catch my eye was from England native and veteran to AB+L, Mathew Curran. His take on urban meets nature is so detailed it’s hard not to feel like you’re in an aviary.Mathew Curran

“I wanted to bring nature back into the home. I want to return it to place where it has been removed,” Curran said.

Though, Curran is skilled in a variety of mediums it is his ability to combine the edgy street-art style with the technicality of stenciling to just about any subject. The result is a perfect marriage of edgy and delicate.

As the night went on I grooved my way through each stall before stumbling upon another original display by artist Fabian Williams aka Occasional Superstar. After graduating from East Carolina and working in advertising for a little over a decade he struck out on his own.

Fabian Williams Fabian Williams

“I describe my work now as politically and socially aware but stylistically I consider myself a renaissance man. I’m classically trained with a background in illustration.” Williams said.

With a number of projects under his belt Williams is preparing for his latest venture called, .|. MERICA’ which will combine his work in wearable statements and illustration.

The sentiment, time flies while your having fun rang true last night, before I knew it the time came for special performing artist, 8Ball and MJG, to take the stage. Just before I made my way to the front, I ran into House of Raggedy Anne designer and one half of Dupp & Swat Davita Galloway. Looking fly as usual, Galloway and I quickly chatted about some of her favorite artwork as well as the original fashion looks seen throughout the evening.

“Fashion is a form of art and expression, there are no rules. If you feel good in it then you’ll look good in it.” Galloway said.

Overall, the night was fantastic and I truly encourage everyone, if given the chance, to check out an AB+L show. The next stop on the tour is December 12th in Miami, followed by Houston, New Orleans, St. Louise and Birmingham.

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Dana is a twenty-something Brooklyn born, Charleston, S.C. bred, self proclaimed EATER and recent Winthrop University graduate. Go Eagles! When she is not in her on-again-off-again relationship with the gym she can be found searching for the perfect cup of black coffee or 'playing outfits in her closet.' Her obsessions include but are not limited to: brunch, weenies (dachshunds), shopping and NPR podcast. Be sure to follow her on Instagram & Twitter.

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