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The Beauty Bar: Say Hello Bovanti

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The Beauty Bar: Say Hello Bovanti


Marquis and Maquel Bohannon recently opened the doors to Bovanti Cosmetics and Spa at their newest location on Oct 1. Of course, the majestic spa, bearing gold and black, toppled over with influential individuals that came for facials, lashes, make-up tutorials, and above all—an official welcome to Northlake Mall- celebration.

From Wednesday through Sunday, the traffic was non-stop. Even a couple of my girlfriends popped in for brow transformations and facials. You know when the home-girls drop by, it’s huge! Ladies, you’re not breaking the vault and you can still get glitzy and glamorous while on a budget. The cosmetic- storeroom is economical and not to mention the customer service has endorphins to die for. I know it sounds unreal; however, the all smiley-atmosphere is just what a gal needs after a nerve-racking week or workday! I give the store five-snaps- and a full round off with a twist. The Bovanti brand has delivered exquisiteness with the Grand Opening week – didn’t expect anything less from the cosmopolitan bunch.

The founders of the Bovanti product, Michael and Anita Bohannon were in the building along with the gorgeous ambassador, Shay from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Michael and Anita’s down-south hospitality was something to admire, I mean – they had just prepared a red carpet screening for the Empire cast, setup for a fashion show, and not to mention took a short hiatus from book tours just to see that the opening week for their daughters, Marquis and Marquel took off without a hitch! Yes, you read correctly—book tours. Anita Bohannon wrote a book called Secrets from a Beauty Star.

I understand that men and women in Charlotte need a quality-approved store and that’s what we are. Bovanti is the center of Northlake mall. Mrs. Bohannon and I are both from North Carolina and we are glad to be home,” says Michael Bohannon.

Both Marquis and Marquel agree that they will sleep in a little while, but right now, it’s all about Bovanti! Thank goodness for that because it seemed only fair to get a little information from the 27 and 29 year-old entrepreneurs, considering that they were already in what we regard as peaceful-marketing-combative mode:

How challenging is it to measure up to the business and standards that your parents started?

I think our thing is : You must have many systems put in place so you can take things to the next level. For instance the McDonalds is gonna taste the same in France as it is in America, so you want to make sure that everything is in place. That’s one thing that Marquis and I have is a lot of structure and a lot of order. So, when we leave, everything will run smoothly and we don’t have to worry about it. And, because we’re young entrepreneurs, we want to make sure we are still friendly as well as uplifting, and things like that. It’s totally different from when our parents are running things and we are running things.

How important is it for you to stay on top of current trends?

It’s very big because trends can change so quickly. We have to stay one-step ahead of the curve instead of behind it. That’s not just in the makeup industry. It’s in business. There’s new technology and ways of doing things, different systems, especially to enhance your business. We go to the different conferences, sales conferences, and makeup conferences. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do. My dad always calls me fearless cause I do what I want. I go across country. I save my money cause I’m going to do this and I’m going to learn. The whole point is to take our business to unseen heights. In order for us to do that, we have to learn, and we have to do more than our parents did.

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What did you learn from your parents about business?

They taught us how to run a business. That’s something that’s invaluable. They taught us how to make our own money. 

Can you give me one seasonal tip for the women?

Cleanse the skin. That’s number one. You have to take care of your skin. You have to use moisturizers and SPF. We as African Americans don’t feel that we have to do all that for our skin. However, when we get a scar, our skin heals with a darkened layer. If you use the SPF, that will take care of that. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize your skin.

You can always catch their segments on Bovanti Beauty Star Television (Atlanta or online). In the meantime, drop-in and speak to Marquis and Marquel. I’m sure that they will talk Bovanti-Cosmo in a heartbeat.


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