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STYLE Music Monday : Eyes Eat Suns

STYLE Music Mondays

STYLE Music Monday : Eyes Eat Suns

All the stereotypes are there:  the beautiful but accessible frontwoman, the soulful and stylish lead guitarist, and the wild and crazy drummer – but Eyes Eat Suns is far from your average local band.

In 2013, singer and songwriter Ayisa Adderley of Durham and her guitarist friend Caige Crampshee from Winston-Salem went to see Vans Warped Tour.  Adderley had toyed with trying to start a band in the past and was exploring a solo career, but the tour made her realize, as she puts it,  “man, being in a band would be so cool — and even if I don’t have a band, a killer name would be so cool.”  Through a casual text conversation, she tossed some band name ideas at Crampshee, and it was quickly determined that “Eyes Eat Suns” was a winner – and something on which they needed to seriously start working.

Ayisa Adderly by Eric Gesualdo

photo: Eric Gesualdo

The fledgling group went through a few personnel changes before finding drummer Matt Fariss – and they’re in the middle of a few more.  Says Adderley, “it’s like finding a good pair of shoes or the perfect pair of jeans because nothing wears the same. You really have to invest time and effort into finding a fit that really works for each individual and is going to last.”

Often compared to Paramore thanks, in part, to Adderley’s powerful vocals, Eyes Eat Suns has come a long way in two years.  They released an EP entitled Pow!®, have toured up and down the east coast, and won an online battle of the bands to play at Vans Warped Tour in Charlotte this summer.  Besides being the impetus for the band, Warped Tour is a perfect fit for their alternative rock/pop punk sound.

Caige Crampshee by Eric Gesualdo

Eyes Eat Suns spends more time than not playing gigs, from opening for the Gin Blossoms to acoustic sets at restaurants.  The guys have recently relocated from the Triad to the Triangle to be nearer to Adderley, the more-centrally-located Raleigh, and their new agent.  The band had been invited to play a showcase by Revival Recordings, a local record label, and Revival’s sister company 307 Artist Management liked what they heard.

Signing with 307 was one of the greatest decisions we made,” says Adderley, “It’s opened up so many doors, and whether it be coincidental or not, signing on with 307, has helped give us that push we needed to get to the next level of where we need to be.

When not actively performing, you can find the band practicing or keeping in touch with their fans through myriad social media platforms.  Adderley says one of the biggest surprises in the band’s journey has been the people.  “There is an endless amount of insanely supportive people who are following us,” says Adderley, “Some since day one, which is really cool.”

As the band’s sound grows and evolves, so does their style.  With a greater exposure, they’ve had to step up their game and “look more like a band”.  What does that even mean these days?  Adderley says, “I try to shop for things I can wear on stage but transpose to off-stage comfort too. I used to wear very hobo-chic outfits. Now, I’m still very much into that style, but I’m being a bit bolder in my outfit choices. I can wear jean shorts and a tank top, then throw a leather jacket over it with some black flats. It’s casual, but edgy. Then, I can dress up the jacket to wear it on stage, too.

Eyes firmly on the prize, Eyes Eat Suns is constantly working to market themselves and be better musicians.  With already solid musical chops, a great stage presence, and a professionalism beyond their early-20s years, this Carolina-based band isn’t going to stop touring anytime soon.  Look for them to appear on a stage near you.

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