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Editor’s Picks : Beauty Product Must Haves


Editor’s Picks : Beauty Product Must Haves

Three of our Editors dish on their favorite beauty product must haves this month:


When I’m not wearing a bright pop of color on my lips or a luxurious shade of red, I love a natural looking lip.  Gloss is usually my go-to , but I’m not a fan of the shinny, greasy, lip.  I found this matte shade by MAC and love it. It’s also not too dry, just the right amount of moisture. It’s a great transitional color moving from a cold dark winter to a bright warm spring. $16

                                                                                                    ~Brie Wright, Editor-in-Chief


After I became pregnant with my son Axel in July 2013, I became increasingly conscious of not only what I put IN my body, but what I put ON it. I did a lot of research into beauty products and was horrified with a lot of what I found out.

Coconut And Organic Coconut OilSome of my favorite products, and those that I still continue to use today, are all natural olive oil soap, and coconut oil. I use both of them daily for my face and body. Combined with a (mostly) clean, plant and fruit based diet, my skin is much healthier. What’s more, both are relatively easy going on the wallet – especially in comparison to many mainstream products.
For Coconut Oil, make sure it’s Virgin, Unrefined, and Organic. Most health food stores offer a generic brand. For around $6.99 you can get a 14oz jar! A little goes a long way, and it takes me a few months to go through a jar.

For the Olive Oil soap you need to be a bit more cautious – many brands are aware of the benefits and use small amounts of the soap mixed with other chemicals and market it as all natural Olive Oil soap, so as with anything that you put in or on your body, make sure you check the ingredients, and do your research 🙂
                                                                          ~Tomris McDaniel, Triangle Market Editor


Although I’ve had the honor for working for numerous cosmetics brands, I have used the following liquid eye liner for 10 years! L’Oreals intense felt tip liquid liner. It glides on perfectly smooth, it never dries out and lasts all day!  It’s the only liner I can use to create the perfect winged liner, and it’s under $10.00!  You can’t beat that! It’s been my secret weapon for years.

~Jesse Pellington, NYC Market Editor

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