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Behind the Brand: Raleigh Denim Workshop

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Behind the Brand: Raleigh Denim Workshop

When it comes to home grown success, Co-Founders and Designers Victor Lytvinenko and Sarah Yarborough are making waves in the fashion industry. Their success can be credited to their design aesthetic, attention to detail and quality of their product. The couple built a small workshop in downtown Raleigh where, with the help of their team, they continue to produce jeans that marry old-school methods with modern fits. Victor and Sarah share their keys to success and working together as a husband and wife duo.


What inspired you to create Raleigh Denim?
Victor: We just started making jeans in our apartment as a project. It wasn’t our intention to start a company. We like to make things and fell in love with this craft and the history. We wanted to reinvent that in a new way.


Photos: Ernesto Sue Photography

What’s unique about your denim brand?
Sarah: I think it’s probably our process. It’s how we make what we make. We are the only denim label in the states that owns its production. It’s really rare for people in the states to see manufacturing on the scale that’s larger than artisan and smaller than massive, so you can really relate to the things we create.  It’s real hands, real people, real time. The other things that make us unique are material and the fit. We [work with] Cone Denim that’s located in Greensboro, the oldest mill in the country and has been around since 1905. They design a denim that is exclusively ours, so that’s another component that sets us apart. Then the fits: we spend a lot of time building out the different fits and usually field test them with friends so they really are functional and last.






What made you choose Raleigh as the base of your entire operation?
Victor: This is our home. This is where we grew up. Our families are here.  Our friends are here. Also the community over the past 10 years has supported independent businesses and a lot is to be said towards that. If not, it would have made it impossible for us to do this in other cities. The community here is seeking out small businesses.

What is a tip for other local designers looking to have success with their brands?
Victor: Keep at it. Be persistent, be true, be brave. Don’t quit.
Sarah: Have good friends.  Definitely don’t quit!

What are some of the best moments of your career so far?
Victor: One of the best moments so far is being accepted to the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA).

The full interview is published in STYLE: The Winter Book 2014

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