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SS 2015 Trend Report


SS 2015 Trend Report

Last year ushered in some fun and eclectic trends; from head-to-toe knits, to colorful faux fur, and the oh so fabulous designer sneaker. And let’s not forget the huge 90’s comeback that took place. I mean, who’d have thought that wearing a fanny pack would ever be cool again?! But just as we said “goodbye” to 2014 so we say farewell to these, and HELLO to a whole new set of hot trends. Some, like the crop top will carry over into the new year so don’t go discarding everything in your closet just yet. To help get you ready for the upcoming Spring/Summer season, we put together a list of all the must-have looks.

1. Gingham STYLE

Remember Judy Garlands’ dress in ‘The Wizard of Oz’? Well, this ultra-feminine print has been seen all over the runways and is the print to have this spring. 

2. Forget the 90’s, the 70’s are back!

That’s right, we are back to Boho. So ditch those skin tight dresses and minis and opt for a longer length and a bold print.    

3. Sheer Lace

Pair this trend with some retro-inspired high-waisted lingerie for a subtle yet sexy look.  

4. Apron Skirts

Use this unique trend to take layering to a whole new level. Whether paired with another skirt, a dress or pants, this is one look that you can make your own.

5. Military Inspiration

There has been a major influx of military inspired looks on the runways as seen by the abundance of Army greens, khaki, and tailored uniformity.

6. Gladiator Sandals  

Now is the time to be bold and find your perfect pair of gladiators. This year you can try them flat or with a super high heel.

7. Suede

Another reminiscence from the 70’s, suede can be seen in everything from coats and dresses to blouses and boots. It’s also available in almost every color. 

8. Kimono-Style Trench Coats 

This is another trend that we’ve seen become popular in previous seasons and it comes back in full force this year.

9. It’s All White

This season it’s all about head-to-toe white, and you don’t have to wait until Summer 2015. Don’t be afraid to wow in winter whites.

10. The Fringe Effect  

Designers have stepped up their fringe game. They’ve taken the subtle trend and made it delightfully sophisticated.


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