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Charlotte based Writer/Director, Patrick Desmarattes, Premiers “Athena: The Goddess of War”

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Charlotte based Writer/Director, Patrick Desmarattes, Premiers “Athena: The Goddess of War”

Charlotte based Writer/Director, Patrick Desmarattes, premiered his latest action packed film project, Athena: The Goddess of war.  The red carpet was rolled out in style in the heart of Uptown Charlotte at the Studio Movie Grill located at Epicentre.

The much anticipated project’s premiere was to be a huge success, as the halls of the theater were filled with over 500 adoring fans, guests and movie enthusiasts all waiting to get a glimpse of the cast, special guests and writer/director, Patrick Desmarattes, himself as they graced the crimson carpet.


Photo: Side Yard Studios


In addition to his writing and directing, Desmarattes, is the founder of the production company Maiden Comics Studios, which also finds its home here in Charlotte NC. Maiden Comics Studios is a motion picture production company that develops action packed feature length films for theater, television, wed based video streaming, Blueray DVD and standard DVD distribution.

As the group of onlookers crowded the ropes around the red carpet, the presses flashes began to capture the local and regional actors and production contributors as they walked down the red carpet and into the theater for the night first screening.

Although local actors and hometown favorites like Adam Pupchek, Cali Danger, Tim Ross, and Mel Burch received screams and cheers as they walked the carpet, it was clear that everyone was waiting for two people to make an entrance – Desmarattes and silverscreen darling Victoria Vesce, who embodied Athena the warrior princess herself.
Patrick entered the room and brought everyone to their feet as he graced the runway with his family and friends and as he cheered on the crowd with many thanks and blessings for future projects. Patrick even took a moment to pose for the press cameras and engage with us for an informative red carpet interview with our correspondent.


Victoria Vesce. Photo: Side Yard Studios


After the red carpet was cleared there was just one moment left to capture, the entrance of lead actress, Charlottes’ very own Victoria Vesce, who also holds the title of Miss Charlotte USA and is one of the NBA’s Charlotte Hornet Honeybees. Although Victoria played a tough and rugged super hero in the movie, she was dressed like the dream that she is, in a Pixton Design Group original full-length black gown with a plunging neckline that was topped off with a pair of one of a kind, hand made, Athena inspired earrings by noted Raleigh NC jewelry artist, Brandi Bowen of Ever So Lovely Jewelry. Victoria was gracious enough to smile for the cameras, give us a twirl in her ball gown and even had time for a red carpet interview before whisking off to the theater with the rest of her cast-mates to view the movie that they had worked so hard to make a success.

As the red carpet cleared, you could hear that the energy had not left the theater, yet just transferred itself to the main stage, as the base beat of the trailer pounded in the speakers, the same crowd that was held back by the red ropes around the carpet were now inside cheering on this action packed box office hit.

All Photos: Side Yard Studios

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