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Revelry Brewing Co.


Revelry Brewing Co.

unnamedIf you have an appreciation for good beer and atmosphere, you must check out Revelry Brewing Co! Jay Daratony, Sean Fleming and Ryan Coker quickly learned creating good beer could turn into living the dream of running their very own brewery. Located in the heart of Charleston, SC, this place has character and of course, amazing beer. I was able to ask these entrepreneurs a few questions about their establishment.woie

How did you get started into the business?

We were 3 entrepreneurs who all shared a passion for craft beer, with similar ambitions of working for ourselves. As many start-up breweries do, we came together over 2 years ago in a garage and realized head brewer Ryan Coker kept creating some really good beer.  It started as a very small hobby, and then consumed my entire garage (along with my mind) and now my toys are much bigger and my play room is a warehouse! Chatting over a beer transitioned into brainstorming on paper, which turned into a business plan that earned us a bank loan, and here we are today!ihRevelry

What made you decide to open your Brewery in Charleston?

Charleston was the right place at the right time kind of scenario. Until recently, the alcohol laws have been quite prohibitive and that has left many people opening up shop in NC or GA instead of SC. We knew there was still room for more micro-breweries and felt that the tide would soon turn in our favor with respect to our laws. It also doesn’t hurt that Charleston is the best tourist destination in the world according to Conde Nast and Travel Magazine!wet

What makes Revelry stand out?

Revelry stands out because we are focused on brewing quality, craft beer with emphasis on education and experimentation. We plan to blur the lines with respect to established styles and brewing methods and provide an educational platform in which even the most novice beer drinker feels comfortable discussing beer. We play with adjunct ingredients, wild yeast and lost traditions to try to come up with new and interesting concoctions! We hope our patrons leave the brewery with a new found appreciation and knowledge for what craft beer options exist in today’s market. asdg tes

Are you influenced by a particular style or brewery?  

I’m motivated/influenced by all the trailblazers that came before me and exist today.  I love that barrel aging, and more specifically, sour beers are back and on top of the current scene.  Folks like Ron Jeffries at Jolly Pumpkin and Vinnie Cilurzo from Russian River have provided inspiration and education for me. Anyone that’s not afraid to buck the status quo and to try new things is ok in my book.  There are so many talented and incredibly smart brewers out there that either have or are currently paving the way for new varieties and methods and I think that’s the future of the craft brewing industry. kj

Located at 10 Conroy St, Charleston SC  29403. Open Wednesday to Sunday, 4-10. Live music every Saturday, and occasionally on Thursday and Friday. A dozen beers on tap at all times.

You can find Revelry on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Photos & Interview by: Laura Bennett





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