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Activate Good’s 6th Annual Couture for a Cause Fashion Show

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Activate Good’s 6th Annual Couture for a Cause Fashion Show

Backstage at Activate Goods 6th Annual Couture for a Cause Fashion Show the air was humming with the frantic and creative energy that is the trademark of any fashion show. In this case, the atmosphere was also alive with the joy of giving and philanthropy. Marbles Kids Museum in Downtown Raleigh, played host to this spectacular event where 18 teams of local designers and models were paired with 18 of Activate Goods non-profit partners.

I had a chance to talk to several of the designers and models as they prepared for the runway with last minute touch-ups to hair, makeup and alterations to the looks that would be representing the missions of these non-profits. Designer, Kierstin Chambers, who also happened to model her own designs for the show was paired with the non-profit, AniMall. “I liked being able to connect with the other designers and test my abilities,” she said when asked what her favorite part of working on the show was, “it was really great learning about causes that you wouldn’t normally know about. [The show is] really innovative.”

The designers went the extra mile while working with these organizations; on top of conceptualizing and creating both a ready-to-wear look and a couture look in a short amount of time, they also met with the non-profit that they were paired with, learning about their cause and mission.

The looks themselves were beautifully crafted and clearly embodied each partner’s mission. From the faux-fur skirt and cat-eyed top representing AnimalKind, the top created from music paper for Community Music School, to the barefooted model for Global Hope India, each look told a well thought out story of community and fashion.

The night was more than the silk, chiffon, and fur, more than the walk down the runway, and more than the broken zippers in need of a quick repair: it was about giving in STYLE. As the last of the pieces was auctioned off to benefit the cause, designers, models, volunteer and attendees alike, left feeling creatively and spiritually fulfilled.

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