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The Fashion 360 Experience


The Fashion 360 Experience

Saturday, The Art Institute of Charleston hosted the Fashion 360 Conference, where fashion and beauty professionals gathered to share their advice on how to succeed in the industry. As a personal stylist, I was so excited to attend this event and hear other people share their experiences. When working in the fashion industry you can never have enough advice or inspiration, and this event provided both of those.




My favorite panel was the style panel, featuring Brian Maynor, Andrea Serrano, Erica Arcilesi and our own Charleston Market Editor, Brittany Lapin, who each discussed various aspects of the styling business, including how to create a personal style. With fashion inspiration everywhere around us, it can be easy to lose a sense of style. Two pieces of advice mentioned in this panel were to never compare yourself to others and allow your style to be a continual work in progress. The panel also discussed tips on how to start a career in fashion styling. They suggested the best way to do this is by networking and getting involved with local boutiques.




Another great discussion came from the beauty panel, featuring Talisa Garcia, Erica Arcilesi, and Jonny Cosmetics. Each of them discussed how the beauty industry works hand-in-hand with the fashion industry. They also talked about their favorite fall beauty tips and trends. A big fall trend is incorporating fun hair accessories, give this a try by braiding a fabric strip into your hair, as seen on the Fall/Winter 2014 Chanel runway. “Less is more, or more is more,” said Erica Arcilesi, while giving her fall beauty tips. “Go all the way or go natural.” The beauty panel reminded the audience to always look for inspiration in the things you do, and don’t be afraid to change or switch up your regular beauty routine.




Finally, whether you are looking to start a career in the fashion or beauty industries, or you simply enjoy beauty and style on your own, always remember the following advice:

Whatever you do, however you do it, do it with everything you have, and you are sure to make a great impression.


“Be you [because] at the end of the day nothing is wrong with you,” said Jonny Cosmetics.



XO, Jessica Bricker



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Jessica Bricker is a freelance personal stylist, fashion writer, and owner of Jessica Bricker Style in Charleston, SC.

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