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Street STYLE: Paris Fashion Week Day 7


Street STYLE: Paris Fashion Week Day 7

Rahul Mishra, Miu Miu and Hermes attendees were definitely out to impress fellow fashionistas on Day 7 of Paris Fashion Week!

Accessories were the stand-out of the day with unique shoes of bright colors and oddly shaped heels, not to mention all of the stunning handbags with fringe and faux fur being the details of choice.






Wardrobes on the red carpet today were edgy, funky, and fearless. Fashion Show guests paired patterns with patterns and modern fit with classic shapes. Accessories stole the show, and even included designer cell phone cases to adorn everyone’s favorite accessory.

Guests of the Rahul Mishra show had a more edgy look with black being the main color palette. This was brought to life with textures of leather and lace.  Miu Miu also had an edgy street style feel, tipping its hat off to the hipster culture with dark denim jeans and form fitted tops. Hermes showgoers had a clean, classic look with the favorite accessory there being the Birkin Bag in every shape and size you could ever imagine.







Rocker chic was another trend that came out to play at today’s runway shows. It seemed at times to be a revival of grunge meets hipster, and it was done well!! Showgoers were adorned with shredded boyfriend jeans, both leather and denim, and paired with graphic t-shirts and couture plaid flannel shirts.

Although it was the last day of Fashion Week, it did not slow down the funky, fashionable vibe of Paris fashionista.


All photos: Leigh Moose of Side Yard Studios for Carolina STYLE Magazine



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