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Blend Juice Boutique: This is Living™



Cold-pressed juice hit the mainstream back in 2013 with companies popping up across the country, and the bottled goodness becoming a staple at fashion weeks for models and attendees alike.

Lucky for you, North Carolina has no shortage of juice gurus, and Blend Juice Boutique is the newest addition to the world of juicing.

Founded by fashion and beauty enthusiast, and STYLE’s 25 Most Stylish recipient, YC Broadie, and her two sisters, Crystal and Candra, the juicing boutique came about from a need to maintain healthy habits while meeting the demands of a busy career.

Blend Boutique offers 100% fully raw cold-pressed juice, made from fresh fruits and vegetables, and an almond nut milk. They also offer 1 and 3 day cleanse options.


So what are the benefits? Why juice? The belief is that juice gives our bodies a fast and nutritional impact, something that not only keeps us going during the day, but is convenient without compromising our healthy habits. “We believe that you are what you drink, so what better way to get your daily vitamins and nutrients, than from a yummy, thirst-quenching, delicious juice” say the three sisters.

Based on the type of juice that you choose to incorporate into your daily diet, there can also be additional health benefits to becoming a juice junkie. For example, “Beet Me” (beet, pineapple, apples, lemon and ginger) is a great way to reap the health benefits of beet juice. Known to filter out your digestive system, get rid of toxins and inflammation, help clear up skin acne and blemishes, promote healthy skin and hair growth, beet juice has also been found to lower blood pressure!

We had the pleasure of sampling a few of their yummy flavors and we are fans! My personal favorite? “The Earth Says Hello,” the first green juice I’ve had that has jalapeño in it (for an added kick to get you going in the morning!). They’ve also got a new seasonal flavor out, “Pumpkin Spice,” Pumpkin, Apple, Cinnamon, Coconut Milk, and Vanilla Bean! Yum!

Currently serving the Greensboro/Burlington areas, the ladies will be opening a juice bar soon.

Get social with Blend:

Instagram: @BlendJuice
Twitter: @BlendJuiceNC

Photos courtesy of Blend Juice Boutique.

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